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Monday, 15 November 2010

Bloomsbury Lanes

Yeah G'day
Here I am back in Kiwi land, way down under, so you might hear more of my New Zealand accent coming through. Whilst I have jet-lag and have woken early, it seems a perfect time to catch you up on the vintage fair at Bloomsbury lanes that was on the weekend before I left.
It was really sad to have missed the lovely gals including FleurJenni, Gemma, Naomi who attended the Throwback Festival in the evening, since I could only make the daytime event instead.
Having said that, I was super chuffed to catch up with other good friends, Natasha and Amanda from Lipstick and Curls. I have known Natasha ever since I first moved to London (9 years now) and it was so lovely to chat between her appointments. More often than not we are both working at different events so hardly get to see each other out dancing now.
Please excuse the dark pics, the photos with a flash didn't work out
Between clients, Tash had a play with my hair and did a fantastic job. 
The girls hard at work. Note the 50s diner in the background
A happy customer. She looked so good!
I was beside myself to meet some fellow Kiwis who were running the Fleet River Bakery stall. I found out they were Kiwis because here they are, selling ANZAC biscuits (a national icon of ours belonging to wartime). There was another yummy looking cupcakes stall there but Fleet River sold gluten free...in fact they sold Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake (the capitals all very important there).  Ohhh heaven. I even bought an extra slice to take home.
Looking around the stalls, most of the items on sale were more recent vintage than what I normally swoon over. (If you wore it already you can't bring yourself to call it vintage!). So I only made a few small purchases.
The best find was this ring, from Popsie's Vintage.  She recycles all old odds bits of Jewellery into new, modern peices, and I was thrilled to find a orange 50s/60s rose ring that matched the set I have at home! I have in fact done really well at matching existing sets recently and I have to catch you up with those buys soon.
Natasha's handiwork once I got home. Impressive work, especially since I have a LOT of hair.
 If you want to go along, the fair is open on the first Saturday of each month and is followed up with the Throwback Club in the evening. While it has just got started, I am sure it is going to get better and better. I can't make Dec, but I will be keen to go again in the new year!

Shona x


  1. I missed the day AND the evening, which was very sad :(

    Your hair looks incredible... and please tell me that stall did lamingtons! I can do without Anzacs (I only ever liked the raw mixture), but oooh what I wouldn't give for a lamington right now.

  2. I think they did you know. I tend to have a magnetic draw to things marked GF, so I am not 100% sure

  3. Impressive hairdo and that rose ring is super cute!

  4. I know Natasha too! She was in Rome about a year ago to teach balboa and shag in a 3 days workshop for my lindy hop class!!

    She's very nice!

    Hope to see you both one day in one of this Vintage Fair!!!


  5. Your hair looks incredible, I don't know how Natasha does it!

  6. G'day mate ,how ya goin? lol.As grammatically incorrect as it can be & as hard as it is for other ppl to understand us,.i do love our respective accents:D I loved how when Entertainment Tonight did an article on Lord of the rings & they interviewed some local NZer's ,they had to put captions on the screen so they could understand what they were saying.I've seen them do it with us Aussies as well,it's hilarious!:)
    Back on topic,you look stunning!Your hair is beautiful & green is so your colour!The ring is lovely,how great that it matches your set so perfectly.
    Hope you enjoy your trip home:)

  7. Your hair is completely fantastic!! What good luck getting the ring that matches bang on to your set. :)

  8. Oh, wow, I love your hair. Looks amazing!! And yummy - I do love ANZAC biscuits. Now I want some...
    -Andi x

  9. You look awesome with that hair lovely, and what a lovely jewlry set... It was a shame to have missed you! as for the Anzacs... they are massive! i tried making some once... ha, disater!
    Hope NZ is grand
    G x

  10. cute
    but need to add some flowers in haircut:)


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