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Thursday 21 April 2011

Daffodils and Dresses

A couple of weekends ago Wolf and I headed off to our local park for a quick walk. The blossoms were all in full regalia and we were thrilled to see that someone clever had planted a swirling scroll of Daffodils around one corner of it. These ones were out quite late compared to others but the combination of Daffs and Blossoms was a very happy one!

Thank you clever gardener person, you really made my day.
My outfit that day was a dress I had bought dead stock. It didn't have a label on it, but it did have a paper size tag sewn in the collar, so it was evident it had never been washed until it got to me! It fits me so well that people think I made it for myself. (Thank you little old lady who was a mad shopper but didn't wear everything)
Teamed with a hair flower pinned on as decoration for a bit of flippant-ness
and little square earrings that are a change from my usual flowery earlobes.
Cute buttons

Later the same night I struggled to sleep, so was flipping through my Sears catalog books for inspiration in the wee early hours... and what did I find?

Yes, that is MY dress on the bottom right! Whooo hooo!! Now if I ever have unlimited time and money I want to travel the US piecing together the whole catalog. Oh yes!

I hope you are finding some reasons to feel happy today wherever you are.
Shona xx


  1. What a great dress! It must be exciting to see one of your own frocks in an old catalogue - buying a lot of vintage in Aus, I'm not sure if I ever would! But maybe one day...
    -Andi x

  2. What a lovely dress and that's so neat that you found a photo of it in the Sears catalog!

  3. Lovely dress and a lovely bit of weather!
    What fun to see it in a Sears catalogue.
    There are some stunning frocks there along with it.
    Have a great Easter weekend.

  4. Oh Shona, that dress totally looks made for you! Fits you too a T, and the colour is fabulous against your hair.
    The catalogue is AMAZING, I wouldn't mind having any one of those fabulous frocks. Pretty cool to find your actual dress in there!
    I love daffodils, and i think the park looks divine. Such a lovely place to be out and about :)


  5. I am loving those dresses such a lovely style and they were just made for the women's shape. You look lovely such a gorgeous color dress to. And those daffs what a lovely shape you can't beat the Spring flowers. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  6. Last photo of the blossom are really nice!

    Thank you for posting it!!!


  7. You look lovely, and the park is so pretty :) I miss British springtime!

  8. You look so lovely lady! Fits to a t!

  9. Love the dress, it was so adorable! :)

  10. So pretty! I want every single one of those shirtwaist dresses :)

  11. I love finding pieces of my wardrobe in catalogues or old photos, it's so strange! Beautiful dress too, it does look like it's made for you!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  12. Shona, where are new posts?:)
    are you okay?


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