Friday, 30 October 2015

Hey...I'm pregnant!

Well now, it has been a long while eh? I made a decision to update the blog and get on top of it 8 and a bit months ago... and then...well, I got pregnant!
I figure I better tell you now before I just appear with a baby.

We are delighted, of course, especially after quite a long time of trying and one miscarriage. We know it is a girl and the pregnancy has gone very well. As well pregnancies go that is... with morning sickness, not sleeping (what is that about?), sore hips and endless peeing.

At Three + months in an old sample twizzle dress, rocket original shoes, Henry the cat
One neat thing about being pregnant is that some of your friends who are a bit behind you, find you safe to confide in to speak about their early pregnancy concerns, or sadly, their fertility problems. It is a dear privilege to be the one they feel they can chat to. I've been pretty open about our struggles, so that helps others to open up too. So, first off, I'm sending very big hugs to all those struggling with family issues. It's tough. You'll be ok no matter what.

I've also fielded quite a few questions about vintage maternity wear. What a minefield! I hope to give you a bit of a mini series of how I have managed my wardrobe.

There are very few real bits of maternity about. It would have simply been worn out lots, over many pregnancies then handed on and worn out more, until someone was so sick of the sight of it she cut out a babies outfit from the fabric!

You have even less choice if you already have a big bust like me or have even moderately sized biceps. Maternity patterns aren't much better and mostly come in pee-wee sizes. People married younger, got cracking with a family straight off and so were smaller perhaps. I soon realised that I could waste a lot of time fruitlessly looking for vintage, and frankly, there were too many other things taking up my energy.

At Hep Cats Holiday July around five + months, still in a Fleur dress
Instead I did quite well in the first 6 months with clothes that were just a bit more spacious, and with items from Heyday - the stretch Twizzle dress and the wrap Fleur, both in a larger size than normal.

The Judy dress was also surprisingly good in a larger size. because it doesn't have a zip, it is a bit more forgiving at the waist so you can get in it, then you can snitch it in as needed with the belt. I could have gone longer in the Judy dress but in the end I was popping out of it at the bustline more than the bumpline! The boobs kept pace with the bump until about 7 months so I really felt like I just looked fatter and fatter rather than pregnant!

Hep Cats Holiday July.  Five + months
I would really advise mums-to-be to not get too hung up on being 100% vintage. People will forgive you if you adopt other clothing and in fact, you might as well have fun with it. I danced the night away in this number for a Hawaiian theme. The bodice is all elasticated and I'd normally reserve it for summer holidays. What is great about it, is that the shirring elastic brings it in just under the bust. This is essential for making your maternity wear more shapely as your ribs become your smallest part. But warning - this is NOT very vintage! I just felt happier in something with more shape.

You can also browse high street shops for empire line dresses that flare out at the bump line. They don't have to be maternity, as it is in fashion anyway. These dresses don't suit me when I'm un-pregnant, so in a way it was fun to shop for something different, and even browse the high street for a change!

Monsoon Dress - Modern, Seven months
Hide your bump by standing front on!
These last photos were taken with many demands by Mr Heyday saying "chin down" "chin out" and so forth. He's learnt what I don't like! So here is one final gurning pic of me deliberately over-doing it. Ha ha!

I'll be back shortly with more real vintage maternity wear - just gotta find the pics!



  1. Aw, huge congratulations to you both, that's incredibly exciting news!! I am glad you've been managing to find enough materntiy wear, even if you're branching out into the high street - you're looking great! x

  2. Congratulations! Lovely news! And you look super fabulous and still vintage to me :)

  3. That is beyond fantastic! My happiest congrats to you both and your families. Thank you for sharing your sensationally great news with us!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Well I was having that kind of a Monday and now I've seen your post and have a big smile, so thank you for cheering me up with your lovely news and congratulations to you both.

  5. Reading your post I know the in the meantime little Baby van Beers has been delivered. Great pictures, you're so radiant! I wish I looked so lovely during my pregnancies.

    Wishing you and your family all the best!

  6. Congratulations! Your maternity wear looks splendid, who cares how old it is? I hope the bump is doing well.

    (Maybe there's a design idea in there for you when you're off your maternity leave...)

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  8. It's pleasure to see that you still have your sense of humor dispite of pregnancy inconveniences and you are still vintage enough :)


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