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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Do you know how to take off a coat with elegance?

With Spring finally sprung here in the UK I've turned back to our "in search of charm" book for the advice of Mary Young for how to elegantly take our coats off. 

Did you even think there was a better way of doing it? 

Do you do it "like a schoolboy"?
I love the classiness of not having the arms "flying in all directions"
And look, we can improve on it even more with the advanced version!
I actually remember my mother practicing this advanced version when she got a fake fur jacket in the 80s. She did it with Liz Taylor style aplomb, and still does. 

Posh Mum.

Shona x


  1. All I learned from this is that I'll never have elegance ;)

  2. There's actually a technique to taking off a coat? Argh!

  3. I find this rather amusing, actually. I never bother with these etiquette or elegance rules but I get a bit of a laugh out of them.
    -Andi x

  4. LOVE this! Linking on facebook ;)


  5. quite a handy tips, although I think i will always exceed myself in sloppy un ladylike mannerisms such as taking off a coat.


  6. Love these old "etiquette/style" books; they are so much fun. Thanks for sharing this one!

  7. I believe I may be more of the school boy technique sadly. So funny that there is a way to take a coat off!

  8. love it! and may or may not be practising at home... don't tell.

  9. I actually learnt how to do this in a "deportment" class I went to when i was 10 (that was in 1989). My mum sent me! hehe I think its the only thing i've remembered from those classes and i think i do it quite subconsciously and probably the only elegant thing i do!

  10. Awesome post, thanks so much! This is very good information that I can really use. I have quite a collection of coats since here in the Pacific Northwest we wear coats six months out to the year. Now I won't be flailing about when taking off my coat in some crowded bistro!


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