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Monday 12 March 2012

Springing up with Daisies

This last couple of weeks have been chock-a-block with work stuff, and more of the boring side of the work stuff too. So this weekend after running errands and a nice lunch I was desperate to CRAFT. It was just necessary before I could do a single other thing. Do you have that sometimes?
With the sunshine that was out I was inspired to do something about my summer wardrobe.
I decided that these lovely shoes deserved some flashing up
I got busy with some embroidered daises I have, first paying about where to put them with the help of masking tape. Then I stuck them down with a hot melt glue gun.
I was careful to stick down every petal. I tried to convince myself that it was for security but it might more because I love glue guns
How about a daisy chain around the ankle? 
I did think that it is possible that the flowers may droop without enough support, but I figure I can always iron them, being careful not to remelt the glue, and if need be, attach a piece of stiff felt behind them.
I decided I didn't want any at the toe, and I was happiest using the power of three* both on the strap and on the wedge. 
Got anything stuck on your shoes lately?

Shona x

(*Three items make up an attractive composition for decorating anything - very handy tool that)


  1. How lovely! Perfect for the lovely weather.xx

  2. Awww that's really cute!! Very creative!

  3. They look lovely! I'm going to be putting new front pieces on some vintage carved tiki shoes whose uppers are in bad condition this week :)

    Yay shoe crafts!

  4. WOW!!!! WOW WOW W-O-W!!! I love this!!!! *stores in memory vault*

  5. You are very clever with a glue gun! How nice to have a pair of Primarni shoes which are now completely original! Well done- they look super x

  6. I heard that yellow will be THE color to have for summer 2012.... you will be a summer queen with them!!!

  7. such a simple but fabby idea! the shoesies look lovley!
    I think I may have to do something simliar! inspired!

  8. Lovely, unfortunately I can go over my ankle in bare feet, these would kill me, just cannot do heels at all....sigh.

    I have never got to grips with a glue gun either! How on earth do you stop it from dripping glue everywhere when you lay it down?


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