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Tuesday 20 July 2010

Down on the farm

Hey everyone!
Just a quick hello to say that I am off this morning down to Hop farm for the War and Peace show in Kent.  If you are able, come and see us! We are selling there from tomorrow and I have a huge load to unpack and organise.
The event is full of military jeeps, tanks, weapons, uniforms and men who play in the mud for a week (well, they dig out shelters). Plus there is a fair amount of good "Civilian" vintage shopping amongst the khaki, both vintage and retro.
Mr Wolf and I were down there at the weekend setting up the big marquee as well as one smaller one for us to sleep in, it took us all day (since we forgot the corner pieces and had to turn around to get them). Often in the lead up to events I get very little down time (or indeed, sleep) and there is often a rush of other things that also need doing, so please accept my apologies for the lack of pretty pictures. I will have some to show and tell when I get back on Monday!
Have a happy week lovely people

Shona x

Wednesday 14 July 2010

I love your shoes!

Have you ever told a stranger that you loved her shoes as you passed her on the street? Or her dress or bag... I found you get as big a pick-me-up as she does when you see her beaming smile!
(I met this stunning girl on the streets of NY)

I sat down with a bunch of ladies on the subway and told them I wanted a picture of their shoes all together. We giggled like school-girls as we each stretched out a foot for the photo. This is what we got!

(you can recognise me by my navy Rocket Originals!)

I got a nice surprise when I got a compliment the other day too. We all could do with a bit more of that eh?

Shona x 

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Hep Cats Holiday

One of the best things about summertime in the UK is all the amazing events that are on! The first and one of the best was last weekend in Western-Super-Mare for Hep Cats Holiday run by Robert and Claire Austen.  It is a great weekend for dancing, as they carefully select bands and DJs to cover all tastes.  Even more importantly, it is relaxed and friendly, and you get fed too! The next one is in March - do come if you can!

A flat tire and a flat SPARE (ugh!) barely punctured (ah-hem) the weekend that was hot and happy. We had lots of friends to dance with, lots of lovely shopping, and for us of course, lots of lovely customers. The people we have met through selling have become really good friends (who are prepared to help change tires/loan their tools/admit defeat when the tire beats them/man the stall while I go buy new tires/offer alcoholic refreshments and hugs when I get back).

Finally the stall was ready and the car was fixed and we could relax. People thought I was a bit nuts putting my Marquee up indoors...until it was all set up with fairy lights and flowers.

To the right is me with the twins, Karen and Susanne, all wearing Heyday.

Below; the girls, myself, Susanne (brunette babe) and Jenny (blonde bombshell). You will often find Jenny helping out on my stall and Susanne does too for big events. We all love dressing vintage style and we have a ball shopping with each other. The photo on the left could be an ad for Remix shoes!

Sunday night is Tiki night, and many people get into the theme of it in a big way - there were even a team of pirates headed up by the scarey Pirate Jack and First Mate Emma (The Black Bottom is a old swing dance, and also the name of Pirate Jacks Ship!). Great socks guys.

Funnily enough, the first dance I got with Jack was to "A fool such as Ayre". No kidding!
Jack and Emma sell Aris Allen shoes at Emma's Apothecary in the UK and can be found at lots of the same events I do too.
I was a bit slack and settled on a hawaiian shirt as we had to drive home that night. I did add in my tiny tweeter hairclip on top of my flowers. The photo only just shows him but he is cute.  You can see them better in the etsy shop. My gosh I have a lot of hair.

I snapped a couple of happy Heyday customers on their way out dancing; Gary Boon (who taught that weekend) in his new Navy trousers and the lovely Claire in her stylish brown Mary dress:


So now we are on rest and recovery mode. It was a lot of dancing and goofing about in one weekend and we  thoroughly recommend it!  Thanks for a great weekend Robert and Claire.

Shona x


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