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Friday 24 December 2010

T'was the night before Christmas...

Merry Christmas to all of you my lovelies, all around the world.
Santa as he is often seen in NZ, complete with sheep, Kiwi and Pukeko
We have my 17yr old stepson, Wolf Jnr, here for Christmas, and so the day will include me embarrassing myself on X-box, trying to convince him that old Bond movies are the ONLY ones worth watching (a bit of young Sean goes along way), and fighting for the phone (he has a girlfriend now).

We are also hoping to pop by to see the serpentine swimmers - a keen and over-eager group who have a race in the serpentine pool in Hyde Park. They race for the "Peter Pan Cup".  Peter Pan...as in the (ahem) little boy who never grew up... you can  read something into that sly English wit that says as much about the  freezing temperature of the day as the youthful nature of the participants.
Tinsel and poinsettias festive up my false rose display
For lack of interesting, vintage-inspired photos, here are some of our decorations we have out.  I only bought one new thing this year and I can't find it. I think it is lost in the sewing/storage/dumping stuff room - in fact I know will be on the bottom of a pile of stuff along with my sewing mojo!

Instead of new purchases, this years decorations are a bit of a mash up of things we have had before, not a bad thing since the tree was new last year. So it was cheap, quick, and a bit make-do-and-mend.
Our platinum coloured tree, in likeness of the aluminium ones that were popular mid-century (and were too dear for us!)
Easier to see the colour of the tree the without the light behind - I love it!
Mash up of odd bits that made our wreath
I hope you all have a nice day planned, and can avoid some of the stresses that come with it.
May you drink enough that you don't remember what Granny caught you doing, but not so much that you can't hit the post Christmas sales. Get yourself stationed next to the mistletoe and enjoy!

Shona x

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Adventures at Ninas Hair Parlour

Eekk! Not long to go now... the big man is getting ready to wriggle down your chimney. (That is quite a strange "fairy tale" really isn't it, I mean how does he stay clean?). This post isn't all about Christmas though as I figure you, like me, might need a little break from that.
Don't get me wrong, I am pleased Christmas is nearly here, it is nice to be doing something different as I have been SO bored with myself of late. Do you get that, when everything just feels too much the SAME. ALL the time? I wanted a jump start the new year and it felt like time for different hair. I have agonised for ages as my problem is that, while I think shorter is sleek and sophisticated, at the same time I am always pining for pre-raphaelite long tendrils.
Sophie Anderson Print
A bit too vintage though eh? In the end I was bored both with agonising AND myself, so something had to be done. Shorter was the only way to go, and the only person I trust for that kind of trimming is THE Nina of Nina's Hair Parlour at Alfies Antique market. I hadn't seen Nina in ages so I headed there armed with some Christmas chocolates and photos of Amy Adams character in "Miss Pettigrew lives for the day".
I want the hat too
I know it isn't THAT short, but it is short for me and knowing that, even Nina was a little cautious with the scissors.
The lovely Nina
Since they were quiet Issidora showed me how to do Marcel waves using original metal clips, and here is the results of my first effort with her help. It lasted for 4 days (albeit getting softer at the end) and I loved it! (You can see the actual length of my new cut in the last picture as the rest of my hair is tucked up at the back in this photo.)
Issidora the Marcel expert. I'm going to head back to her for some make-up lessons
Then, just when I was thinking - "now where I am going to find some marcel clips to do this myself?" Along came Ian, a stallholder at Alfies, with a whole set for sale. Lucky day!

I am chuffed with my new length and it's ease of styling. Here is it, without the waves and using just hot sticks.
Sorry, the best photos are the ones I take myself, so they are all the same!
So now I have the start of my fresh start - not sure what is next which is kinda exciting too.  
I hope you have happy preparations for Santa wherever you are, or if you are not celebrating Christmas then that you are rounding up the year in a good way.

Shona x

Monday 20 December 2010

And the winner is...

Hello lovelies.  Welcome to Monday again. We are slow moving here today at Heyday, possibly because of the amount of mulled wine consumed yesterday, but also possibly because of over indulging in too many dance/boxing/bowling competitions with our new Xbox Kinect. (Mr Wolf gifted it to himself just in time for Mr Wolf Junior to join us for the holidays). Boy it is some kind of work out, and I now have a mental note never to get in a real fist fight with one (gentle looking and petite) friend!.
Anyway - this is a quick post to let you know our winner of the Hokey Cokey sign....
True Random Number Generator  18Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Number 18 is Miss Amber Sweet!! Woo hooo! Amber, send me an email with your address on it so we can get this posted out to you, and your poor postie can drag it to your door (hopefully) before Christmas. Email me on HeydayVintageStyle(at)gmail.com
Thank you to everyone who entered and blogged and tweeted about it. It is lovely having such nice followers!
If you want to purchase this sign yourself, you can find it on ebay if you google "hokey cokey" .  Mine is from McCarthys Interiors. There are other things with the same slogan on it - fridge magnets and t.shirts etc, which might make good emergency Chrissmas Pressies for the person who has eveything

Friday 17 December 2010

The Hokey Cokey is what it's all about

Hello! I hope you are getting in the swing for Christmas.  We have our tree up, but only one bauble on it so far, but, like Christmas, it is coming along.

Today is the last day to enter the not-your-normal-Christmas-giveaway.  I am amazed that more of you haven't entered, cos it is really cool!  Was it something I said, or didn't say? It really is not really all THAT big a plank. It just sounds cool to be sending a plank for Christmas. At 57cm x 10cm x 2cm (approx 22" x 4" x 1"), it is about the length of a pillow, the height of an iphone and the width of a good paperback.

Maybe you are not sure what the Hokey Cokey is.  It's a DANCE silly! One of those goofy party dances that you do when you hope no-one has a video camera. You remember, you put your right arm in, you take your right arm out, right arm in and you Shake It All About (that's the best bit), you do the Hokey Cokey and you turn around - THAT'S WHAT IS ALL ABOUT!
Some people will know it as the Hokey Pokey, and I remember it at the Hokey Tokey from primary school.  I wonder if it is subtley changed for children, as  "Hope he tokes me" isn't really a usable sentence...if you get my drift.

Anyhoo - get your entry in double quick cos it closes at midnight tonight BST.

Sunday 12 December 2010

Not your normal Christmas Giveaway.

No not some vintage sparkley bits for your tree, not lovely underwear, nor party accessories, stockings, bags or broaches, not even some designer chocolates. Not here at Heyday, No Siree bob.  Well not this year anyway.

This year we are going to offer you a plank of wood! 


A 57cm x 10cm x 2cm plank of wood. (approx 22" x 4" x 1")

I can see you are getting excited now. 

Because of this ludicrous idea, the competition is only open to UK residents. Only UK posties are tough enough to lug that plank to your doorstep. Through the snow. Barefoot. (ok, so we are prone to exaggeration...)
Besides being REcyclable, REusable, REnewable and REtro, it also appeals to all REligions and can be used REgularly. All yeaRE.

As you can see it appeals to our sense of humour, both the jovial notation and the making a plank a prize. We think you are going to love it in your home too.

It has a slightly distREssed REd background and a cREam typeface. (I have no idea why RE has become a theme but now I am stuck with it).

And it has two rings to attach to a wall if you so desiRE

The competition rules are straight forward and offer three chances to get involved...
  • For one entry, leave me a comment below. 
  • For another entry, you can retweet my give away.
  • For a third entry, post about the giveaway on your own blog!  Three chances! Whooopee!
Please take careful note that each time you enter you must leave a separate comment. Don't leave me one comment saying you've done all three things, as it will only be counted once! 
If you commenting to say you've retweeted or blogged, please post the link.
The competition will close THIS Friday 17th December 2010 at Midnight BST

Good luck everyone! We know you will be tickled gREen if you are the winner. (Sorry, pink didn't work)

Saturday 11 December 2010

Frock Porn

Now that I am recovered from jet lag, the Annual Winter Bug has got me in its grips. Thank goodness I did my family Christmas shopping before I went to NZ.  It is just Mr Wolf to buy for now, and though it is hard to think of something REALLY good to get him, a slab of Guinness and a kilo of crisps also keeps him happy. 
So, while this blog might be slow at getting all silly and fun for Christmas, I have something equally scrummy to look at....FROCK PORN !

We know you like it. 

Don't pretend you don't. 

There is something for everyone.

Whilst visiting family I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Leimomi Oakes.  (gorgeous name don't you think? Pronounced leigh-mou-mee). Leimomi is a historial designer, museum professional, and very likeable speaker. She is also a swing dancer and Really Nice Person.
Leimomi with passer-by-dog
My brother's girlfriend, Ness, was modelling a dress for her, so I got to go backstage and help out. We arrived late, but got her hooked, laced, buckled, pinned, strapped and tied in record time. 

There is a LOT going on under there, and we are not talking too many chocolate biscuits
Leimomi had created outfits that spanned several centuries to demonstrate the influence of eastern design on western clothing. She made the bloomers, petticoats, slips, corsets, dresses, trains, jackets and buttons. 
Then she decorated them.
One hundred zillion miles of seams
After the lighthearted and educational talk, we had ourselves an impromtu photoshoot in the gardens at Lower Hutt Horticultural Centre. While Leimomi said she had had her "dream day", my afternoon was pretty wonderful too. After all, mucking around taking pictures of girls having fun in big poofy dresses is my idea of a good time!
by fluke, (and a wee bit of stalking) we managed to get a white pigeon to act out the part of a dove

Some passerbys were thrilled to see the dresses and see the girls acting up in them. One Dad sat for ages while his little girl was transfixed (I am sure it had nothing to do with the impressive cleavages on display!)

Ness was modelling the Juno dress, more information about it's inspiration and construction can be found here.

For more photos of all the dresses go to Leimomi's beautiful blog, rightly named The Dreamstress. If you are interested in fashion history, sewing construction and lovely pretty things you will adore it!
The End

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Period homes and Gardens

Hello my lovelies!
Long time no chat eh? I have been back from my travels for just over a week now and I must say, despite the freezing temperatures here in the UK, I am glad to be staying put now for a bit. In fact the snow and cold are not bothering me right now because what I most want to do is hibernate. Perfect!
sleepy bear (not the least bit grizzly, honest) found here
I have had the most terrible bout of Jet Lag (yes it deserves capitals) ever.  Apparently, when you fly around the world anti-clockwise it is much easier to get back on your feet than if you go clockwise. Well I believe it might be true given my recent state of wide-awake-ness at 2am and inability to concentrate on anything (except, maybe, fabric shopping on ebay...) Since I booked my flights quite last minute, I had to fly back from New Zealand via the States instead of through Asia, so I travelled the wrong way around the world.

Anyhoo, while I am still getting my act together for Christmas I thought I might do a couple of posts about NZ and the things I love most there (besides family and friends of course). I LOVE the houses. Especially weatherboard ones. As soon as I arrive I soak up the sight of weatherboard houses that make up the majority of our homes.
Whenever I drive out to my brother's place in Otaki this one calls out to me. I love the sweeping drive, wide lawn and the huge verandah. Although the eras don't match, I  imagine Scarlet O'Hara might come here on her days off. Maybe that lawn just begs for a big poofy skirt and a parasol.
Otaki is a small coastal township and is full of these lovely Californian Bungalows, with huge gardens and verandahs to sip your G&T's on (sigh). I want a verandah! The warm weather and the available land in New Zealand inspired the adoption of this house style when the colonials were planning their towns.
Another feature of a Californian bungalow is the low, sloping roof line, and in NZ you see lots of colourful roofs, probably because so much of it is on display.
This one has the most striking roof line, only visible for a second as you drive down the street.  I suspect the part of the house with the chimney is a newer addition. 
Having left Otaki (it was time for lunch and Mum was hungry) we are now in Karori, Wellington. Suburbs closer to the city centres tend to have less gardens and more compact detailing (obviously!). The verandahs are have much more of a "enough-to-take-your-gumboots-off", than "great-Gatsby-picnic-after-croquet" feel about them.
 This one probably had stained glass windows in the small, upper windows originally. I love the rows of white rose bushes though.
This house has so many distinctive features! The curved corrugated iron roof is typical of early homes and the subtle use of tones of paint colour brings out the detailing. Even the fence line has been carefully considered.  The decorative flair of the arts and crafts type in the woodwork would have been quite expensive to have in those days. And it would have had stained glass windows too, so this little house was quite the little "show off" but in the best possible way.

And there ends our whistle stop tour of NZ homes. I hope you agree they are rather enchanting and can see why I love them so. Now that I am back in the UK for winter though I am very glad for Georgian brickwork and gas central heating! I hope you are all warm and cosy too - wherever you are!

Shona x


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