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Thursday 23 June 2011

New glasses from Dead Man's Spex

I know why the weather has been so wet recently here in London - it is because I have new Sunglasses!
These were received in the mail just the other day after been promptly fitted out with my prescription by Darren at Dead Mans Spex.
I meet Darren at Hemsby twice a year and once at Twinwood in August (I LOVE Twinwood).
I think I love the case even more than the glasses. Do I use it or keep it safe so it stays pristine forEVER?
Thanks for my new Glasses Darren
(Hoping for sun now)

Shona xx

PS: I won't leave it so long between posts next time - promise
PPS: I have a give away coming up so stay tuned! It's a good 'un


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