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Sunday 22 December 2013

Christmas loveliness from Betsy Hatter

I had something really exciting arrive in the post last week. At first I thought it was a DVD I'd ordered, as it came in about that size box. But no, it is something far far better.

Its a lovely poinsettia hair flower from Betsy Hatter Millinery. Wow. Thank you! I totally love it. It is so nicely made that it has a real luxe quality about it. I've even been wearing it about the house, like, when I'm in my PJs even! Well, I'm a Christmas loving kinda girl.

Sofia, who is Betsy Hatter, does all sorts of bespoke millinery, so think of her next time you need a matching hat or flowers. I am now mentally going through my head adornments and thinking of what I might be missing.
I wore my poinsettia for an amble around Covent Garden which is lovely at this time of year. 
(I had actually done my hair all nice, but shouldn't have bothered because the incessant drizzle flattened that out fast)

I personally think we should leave the lights up (and the mulled wine stand) until the end of February, since the next two months are truly grey and dull in London, but, I guess, I'm not the one paying the bill! 
Here are my highlights from that area:

Massive Baubles hang from the ceiling in the market

A lego display with many famous London landmarks in it. Here's Shakespeare's globe
 And here is Santa visiting the Queen
This is what happens when Mr Heyday finds the strong salty Dutch licorice of his youth.
Next is Eros transformed into a snow globe. Neat, but somehow not as impressive as I hoped. I think the advertising lights around the bottom made it seem a bit tacky rather than groovy, but I can't think how it could have been improved since someone has to sponsor it.

I hope your run up to Christmas is going well. Stay Cool.


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