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Thursday 20 February 2014

What Success feels like - and a dress

Thank you so much to those that commented and sent their support after last weeks post. I really appreciated the feedback. I think it is good to say "things are difficult for me right now" so that other people also realise that life is not a Coke ad for anyone, even people in bloggerspace. 

Mr Heyday and I are really self sufficient emotionally, having been through a lot together. This recent house buying mission and dealing with our lousy solicitor really did me in though. When the person who is supposed to be helping you doesn't return calls or emails, and doesn't do the paperwork she needs to do in a timely fashion and then lies about it, blaming everyone from the agent to the vendors, their solicitors, the vendors vendors, our lenders, even her email system ("Really, down for SEVEN days? You don't say! What decade is it again?"). The saga was ridiculous and we were powerless - sort of like an abusive relationship, once you realise, you've already waded into the deep end and your swim wings are a long way away.

The agent kinda gave up at one stage and developed a special laugh instead - poor guy. Shall I name and shame her once it is all done? I'm very tempted. We will definitely be talking to the ombudsman and leaving some truthful reviews online to save anyone else the stress we have gone through.

Anyway, on Friday, we finally had a break-through and exchanged on the house. This felt like passing the finish line of a marathon. I was so thrilled, pleased and excited I could hardly talk straight! We took some champagne to dancing to celebrate with and we I got a bit tipsy and quickly became a menace on the dance floor. A menace that just didn't care anymore... "Hi, would you like to dance? Only, I might be hard to steer right now".  Hats off to the brave leads that just laughed and carried on.

Valentines dress made from an Anne Adams pattern
I wore a dress that I made last year for Valentines and then didn't wear, so it is the sewing version of "one I made earlier". It is entirely made from The Stash so didn't cost anything* either. 

I omitted the back tie, because they always seem little girly for someone with boobs as big as mine, and they hide the curve of the lower back.
LOVE the old envelopes that patterns were sent in, but the lack of a date on the stamp is infuriating
I made the pockets bigger because they were a silly kind of small but kept their original shape, since it is, you know, vintage and one wants to be authentic. But I wish I had changed that too, as they are hearts gone wrong and for no good reason except for someone made them that way 70 years ago. 

Easy up do
I was very happy with it, although found at the end of the night that my petticoat had inched its way up and was wrapped around my hips. I must have looked all kinds of odd.
a close up of the print aka my bottom. That is what happens when Hubby is a bit bored and waiting to take pictures. I nearly didn't include it, but hey, you might as well know what mischief I put up with
All up, it has been a good week and by the end of today we will have the KEYS TO OUR OWN HOUSE! 
Moving tips and ideas all welcome!

Shona x

*except it's initial cost plus storage for 3..4... maybe 8 years

Thursday 13 February 2014

Still here - Confidence boosters 101

As one person commented on my last post, it looked a little bit like I might give up blogging for a while. I wasn't too sure myself as things have just felt so HARD of late. Lets see, the short list... we've had parents struggling with their health (and we are half a world away), we've been trying to buy a house for like EVER, and last year, I finally got pregnant but then miscarried just on the 3 month mark. Gah! Add in the smaller things like accounts, Christmas, a BIG cold, broken boiler, mortgage documents etc and it has felt a bit like we are dodging cricket balls thrown by an bowling machine. Whilst blindfolded. And naked.

The unrelenting nature of "stuff" has meant I haven't feel much like writing blog posts and putting myself out there. Now I'm sort of arising from the ashes, starting to feel like doing MORE. This is a good sign eh?  It has made me think about what one needs to do to get ones confidence up when it feels like it has been trampled into the carpet. This is a topic for everyone, I'm sure. In my current situation it has been life stuff, but sometimes it is work bullies or a bad relationship, and that requires additional armour. At least I could retreat and regroup because I work for myself.

Here is what I noticed has helped so far:

Giving oneself a break - beating yourself up does not help. Some of you, like me, might be familiar with the idea that, if beating oneself doesn't work, then it is clear you need a bigger stick. Yeah, still doesn't work. Much wasted energy, no improvement in mood or situation. It took me until I was about 40 to learn this, and I still do it, though now it is cunning and sly and sneaks around so I don't notice it straight away. It is easy to spot though... listen for the word "should". The stick appears at about the same time.

Being really kind to yourself. Sometimes you need a giggle at the telly (sadly, Friends re-runs still do it for me) and an early night. Sometimes you need that for 46 nights in a row. You can't speed it up, all you can do is let yourself do it.
Friends meets Boardwalk Empire. Image here
Do something you are good at. I felt better when I picked my knitting up. I'm pretty good at it, and am now teaching myself some fancier stitches. Getting into that, especially since it didn't matter how much I did, has helped. It is nice to admire ones handiwork and go - "I did that!"

Do something for someone else. I have a little niece to knit for, and that is neat. Also, being a good listener, smiling at strangers, cooking dinner, doing the dishes. They all count.
Bootie mark 1. Too big. Growing required
Put stuff in order. A bit of clearing out, or filing, or food planning, or even just matching your socks up. It helps you feel like you can make a difference, that you have some power. It is simple, but actually, so is that neuron in your brain that needs reminding that it is capable of doing stuff.

Treat yourself like a dog. Ha ha! That means proper food at the normal time (no matter how much chocolate you've had already). A daily walk, kind words and a game of chase the stick (or something else equally enjoyable).

5 things list. Instead of a never ending to-do list, have a today list, and put just five things on it. Or three things, or just one. And do it. The never ending list can be hidden from view until you are ready for the next thing. Make the thing a one job thing. "Call Kelly" = Yes. "Redesign summer range and choose fabrics and trimmings" = No.

What's your pick up tricks? Do share! These things are really things we should talk about often, don't you think? Far more helpful than moaning about the rain (OMG the RAIN!)

My good news is we are very close to completing on the house. VERY close. I'm not giving out any info until it is done and dusted, but if you could all send some good wishes our way, that would be appreciated. Ahhh... can't wait!

Shona x 

Friday 7 February 2014

Burlesque on Ice - First EVER!

The other night, Hubby and I headed to see Burlesque on Ice. It is the first time ever that Burlesque has been performed on ice (well, maybe it has, but not in public eh?).  A bendy friend of mine, Ruby Deshabille, is in it. That is her on the right with her foot dangling off the stage.

(You'll have to excuse my phone pics - it was dark in there and they moved fast!)
The question was in the air - how will they take their stockings off with boots on? Ha ha - well, you better get yourselves along quickly to find out as the show is only on until Saturday.

The girls have all had to actually learn to skate, so that is pretty impressive as it seems to have happened very fast. With a bit of luck, this show will go on and get bigger, so do get along if you can so you can say you saw it at the very beginning!

The show was good - fun, funny, gorgeous, professional, and fluid, with some excellent singing and presenting bJoe Morose. Here he is with Ruby.

The "ice rink" was a bit of a surprise as is really little - much smaller than we thought it would be, so we were impressed with what they managed to do without much run up - as it were. Jumps and twirls and what not.... and then they had to land, before they...you know, ran out of ice!

Here is a bit more on it (with better pics) here and here

We got there a bit early and had a quick drink at the Dining Rooms next door - they do pre-theatre meals in case you need a feed.

And finally, to wind up, one of my favourite performers of the night: This lady kitty Glorian Gray. She was really fun and exuberant, and always up to mischief!

I really enjoy going to live performances, it lifts my spirits so much. Especially ones that are full of women having a good time! Have you been to some good performances of late - small and local or large and professional?

Shona x


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