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Friday 20 April 2012

What's your go-to outfit in unpredictable weather?

This is mine.
I'm always really happy in my light navy woolen sweater set (it has a cardy to match).  It is great for this dodgy spring weather
I don't get my china brooches out as often as I should because I'm always a bit worried about them dropping and breaking, not that that has ever actually happened.
Three is better than one don't you think?  One can look a bit lost on my ample boobage!
These earrings are actually made of tiny shells which makes them nice and light. Maybe they were a souvenir from a seaside place. 

Shona x

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Are you a Marilyn or an Audrey? Or are you a Cyd?

More of Mary Young's view of the world in the early 60s

I think I'm a Marilyn. Which one are you? 

Shona x

Monday 16 April 2012

Oranges and Lemons

How was your weekend?  I had a real mix, some work, a girly lunch, some more work, some tidying and wardrobe sorting.
The weather wasn't great but we did manage a stroll in the sunshine. 
I was in a novelty print and novelty bag frame of mind
 My super cool basket bag. Last seen here
The coin is dated 1962. I figure that was the year it was made, but maybe also it is a reference that it is meant to be good luck to include a coin when you give a bag, wallet or purse to someone, meaning that it will always have money in it. 
 Hazel Cannon was a lucky lady. Do you like having some knowledge of who the previous owner was?
I do.  I hope she got to travel to all the places that the bag inspired her to go to.
 My rather fave Oranges and Lemons print. 

Gosh! Oh No!! Unstyled hair!!  
Well I don't mind if you don't

Shona x

Wednesday 11 April 2012

This is the most elegant way to don a coat

Here are the last of Mary Young's Coat rules. Some of you LOVED the first lot of coat rules

Really, Mary was training young women in all the fancy ways to behave, and while it is easy to scoff at these rituals now, in some settings it might still be quite important, 

after all, Prince Harry is still available isn't he?

I don't think he could take a girl home to meet his grandmother if she "flung her coat on and rushed about" or got her gloves all mucked up with her coat sleeves.

So now you know, just in case you get invited to tea...

Shona x

Monday 9 April 2012

More great times ahead

Last weekend we had our first stall of the year at Hep Cats Holiday. It was so jam packed of our favourite things (dancing, bands, friends and shopping) that we ignored the camera and I only have a few pics for you of one outfit - sorry - bad blogger!
 It was sunny and bright enough to wear our newest Fleur dress. (A bit too bright, hence the squint!)
 Brooches from Acorn and Will
 Pockets and bangles, two more of my favourite things
Vintage hairband and pincurls
 Besame Dusty Pink Lippy = Happy Lips.
The dress, being a soft pink and a fraction peachy is an ok shade for me to wear. Glad about that too! 
And a special friend, Gal Pal Jenny (in a vintage Swirl dress). You'll often find her helping out on the stall at the summer events where more good times can be had. 

Hep Cats Holiday is back again in July, but tickets have been selling fast so get in quick

Shona x

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Lush Kissable Lips Can be Yours too

I suffer from a lipstick allergy.
You might too and not know it! The red pigment (and a string of other things) in lipsticks and lip balms can dry lips and make them crack and peel, which is as far from kissable as anyone can imagine. And it hurts. 
I have developed the problem slowly, so even the posh lippys set me off now. Even though I love some of the shades I own, I can't bear to wear them for the discomfort I experience that can last for days. Ouch!

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of Hypoallergenic lipsticks, and one brand I had to check out is Besame from the States, conveniently stocked in the What Katie Did London Boutique in Portabello Road.
Lovely Maz and Vicky were in store. Vicky was glad I interrupted her cleaning  
(BTW: she is wearing Miss L Fire shoes).
Gorgeous display stand! I want one for home
We started with Rapture Rose, which was too close to my natural colour, so it looked a bit bland on me.
 Ha ha, yes that means I look bland without make-up!
 And moved on to "Dusty Rose" which was just a shade deeper, and quite pretty for everyday use
Then we found Red Hot Red which was just lovely on me. Quite a soft red hot as far as hot reds go.
I also liked Carmine and Coral so they are on the shopping list for next time. Coral looked just o.k in store, but once I got out into the light I realised it really suited me. You sneaky tease, Coral!

I am wearing their 1930s mascara as well, it smelt like you could eat it.
Besame's "Classic Beauty - The History of Makeup" book is stunning and very thorough, chock-a-block full of gorgeous photos too.
Besame also do lip balms, and I was thrilled with the colours of "Cherry" and "Tangerine". Vicky herself finds that "Sweet Rose" and "Peach" suit her better.
It is wonderfully relaxing trying make up on in Katie's shop, surrounded by lots of gorgeousness
Like Lovely Lady legs, for instance.

Shona x

Monday 2 April 2012

And the winner is ......

Mary Deluxe from Welcome to Deluxeville, Congratulations!!

Please contact fiona@heydayonline.co.uk and she will arrange for your voucher code to be sent to you.

Mary said she would choose a Fleur Dress, we wonder which one she'll chose.....

Could it be our new Fleur in Floral Gingham in Blue?

Floral Gingham Fleur in Blue
Or our classy Fleur in Black with Daisy Chain

Fleur in Black with Daisy Chain
Or could it be our classic Fleur in English Rose?

Fleur in English Rose

We can't wait to see what you choose and of course we'd love to see a picture of you in it!

Sunday 1 April 2012

8 ways to wear knitwear. Have you tried them all?

Mary Young thought of everything in her book "in search of charm".

Here are her variations on knitwear. Which one do you wear?

I'm a huge cardigan number 5 fan. The up and down V that it creates minimises my bust, lengthens my neckline and disguises any tummy bumps if it is worn over a darker top - perfect! 

Shona x

Don't forget our competition ends at Midnight BST tonight, enter now for the chance to win £100 voucher to spend online at www.heydayonline.co.ukwww.heydayonline.co.uk, just go here and comment to enter!


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