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Sunday 18 December 2011

And the winner is.....

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage!! I stole a picture of you from your blog, I hope you don't mind

Congratulations, whoo hoo!!

Please contact fiona@heydayonline.co.uk for your voucher code and we hope you enjoy spending it.

Thanks so much to everyone taking part in the competition and good luck next time.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and an amazing New Year, see you all in 2012.....

Tuesday 13 December 2011

2011 Christmas gift voucher give away!

We are in the countdown to Christmas now - my gosh it rolls around fast doesn't it? Still, not fast enough as I am quite capable of eating all the almond icing before it gets on the cake.  Hmmmm...
Stephanie Valentine, Winner of the 2010 WWII re-enactors magazine Pin-Up Competition, photographed by Tony Nylons
As this years Christmas treat I have decided we are going to give away a £25 discount voucher to one lucky reader. £25 because Christmas falls on the 25th of course!
A voucher (which will be in the from of a code for online shopping) seems most fair in that it is international (unlike last year's plank of wood) and also unisex (just LIKE last years plank of wood). 
We are going to finish the competition at Midnight Sat 17th December BST. The code itself will be valid for a whole 3 months, so there is no rush.

The competition rules are straight forward and offer three chances to get involved...
  • For one entry, leave me a comment below. 
  • For another entry, you can retweet my give away.
  • For a third entry, post about the giveaway on your own blog!  Three chances! Whooopee!
Please take careful note that each time you enter you must leave a separate comment. Don't leave me one comment saying you've done all three things, as it will only be counted once! 
If you commenting to say you've retweeted or blogged, please post the link.

The competition will close THIS Saturday 17th December 2010 at Midnight BST

Friday 9 December 2011

This is me

Today it was unseasonably warm. As in, too hot to get dressed. I'm wondering if our upstairs neighbours forgot to turn their heating off and we were the happy beneficiaries while they went to work. It was also gloriously sunny.
Because I had my hair in curlers I wasn't planning on leaving the house, so it was the perfect day for a last-unexpected-summer-dress-mostly-inside-anyway day. 
(I'm deliberately looking to the side because I am terrible at looking into bright sunlight)
So here is just me, without make-up and my hair in curlers. If I don't expect to meet anyone I let my face breathe, even though it makes me feel quite naked. Typically and ironically, not one but TWO people dropped in on me to see me like this today! Grrrr!
I don't really like to share me un-done, it is a bit uncomfortable to be honest. But I think it is important to let you know that some days are not altogether glamorous at Heyday Headquarters
This is a one off Fleur dress just made for me. I collect simple "not too poofy" petticoats anywhere I can find them to co-ordinate with my Fleurs. This one was actually an old Monsoon skirt from a charity shop that I took up. It's silk so feels LUSH.
No outfit post from me would be complete without the SHOES now would it? I picked these up from the charity shop for a tenner yesterday. (Anyone else notice that charity shop shoes have really gone up in price over the last couple of years?) They are unworn Clarks and I know I get on well with them so that is ok. The style is "bombay lights" and they currently come in black, navy and burgundy. (They also come in flats, worn here). From the front they look quite authentic enough, and the heel is a good shape, but I wish they would cover the heel in the same leather, because they would then be 89% vintage looking rather than 73% vintage looking, if you get what I mean.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend - be it glamorous or just comfy. 
See what happens when I look straight at the sun?

Monday 5 December 2011

My most beloved vintage possession

Today I thought I would tell you about my most beloved vintage possession. My knees. While the rest of me will be turning 40 next year, my knees are going to be 198. I swear my mum picked them up cheap second-hand.

Earlier this year my dodgy knees took a sudden turn for the worst, and I was off to see the surgeon. Both of them (knees, that is, not surgeons) were diagnosed with mild arthritis. Yick. In fact Double Yick. So dancing was been off the agenda for most of the year. Stairs, curbs, hills and wheelchair access slopes were all mountainous. It was depressing. I felt ALL of my 198 knee years.

During the year I've put on a bit of weight. BUT, I don't care...

Because, through lots and lots and lots and lots and still lots more BORING physio exercises aided by hours of Poirot, (thank-you Agatha Christie) I have been cleared of needing any kind of intervention, because my little knee caps are now going where they are supposed to go and not whipping off around the side of my leg-bone. (Ok, so I also don't care about technical terms today). If I look after them they should last me for another 198 years.

Today my elderly knees and I had a little celebration in that I pulled out a pair of heels that haven't seen any use.  Yes I KNOW you have seen me in heels in outfit posts, but that was mainly cos I missed them, so would put them on for a wee bit and for the photo.
But today I WORE heels. 

Thank you Miss L Fire for designing something worth all those painful lunges and leg lifts.

Hurrah!! I kiss my knees!! Smooch!!

(And please, if you have a bit of you that is feeling a little bit more vintage than the rest of you, go get it looked at, it might take far less work to make it right if you don't leave it like I did)


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