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Friday 30 November 2012

10 reasons why you should holiday for a month

Hello lovely followers!

Sorry you haven't heard peep from me for so long now. Lets see now... I've recently come back from a really long trip to Orlando, Florida for a seriously needed RnR. And before that, I was running around getting organised work wise and other stressful-things wise. I was very glad for the trip coming just at the right time.

Our holiday was for a whole month (yes I KNOW!) and we haven't had a break that long since we were on our way over to the UK, over 10 years ago. I must say, my time efficiencyometer loved it and here's why:

1.  After 2 weeks I really felt like I was on holiday. There was a difference in the chill out factor level from there on in.
Universal Studios car and a Tart.
2.  We had plenty of time for not doing anything much. We had days packed full of the theme parks and other days chock-a-block full of books and napping

3.  It is more time efficient to go away for a longer time than have two or more short breaks. Granted, it is not often you can go for a month, but there is something to be said for making all that holiday planning, packing, just-must-do-this-thing-for-work-ing, not to mention jet-lag and travelling, worth your while.
Photograph, taken in 1930 on display at Miami International Airport
4.  We got settled into a bit of a routine, we knew were to get our groceries and how to get around quickly, saving planning time and holiday stress

6.  If we got distracted by an outdoor bar drenched in sunshine offering happy hour cocktails served by fun bartenders, so what?
Mr Heyday at a bar at Universal Citywalk (there were a few)
7.  It was cost effective. Since we based ourselves in one self-contained condominium for the whole stay (which are cheaper than you'd think), we got an extra 20% discount off the total, which made the trip much more possible. The per day rate on the rental car was also better.

5.  We had time to go back to places if we really liked it. Including vintage shops (but of course)
Me with Barb, the most entertaining vintage shop owner I could have met, I'll let you know where when I find her card!
8.  We could do little bits of work (necessary when running a small business) and not feel resentful that we were supposed to be on holiday because it didn't really get in the way

9.  We have come back ready and eager to get back into work because we were away long enough.

10.  Simply because life is too short not to make the most of it when the chance comes up - but you knew that already!
(He might hate me for this) Mr Heyday, impressed at the fake snow at Magic Kingdom (it will only be too soon before we get it for real back in the UK)
Our flights were courtesy of BA air miles, mostly clocked up on hubby's American Express card for his business - proving it really does pay to buy into some of these reward programs!

So now that we are back there is so much to tell you - holiday stories, shopping tales and of course we will HAVE to do a Christmas giveaway especially since we are now over 600 followers, but first dear readers, the most important thing to know is that we are running a Christmas Countdown, with a different BARGAIN each day. The deal of the day and the code to use will be announced on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow us there. And if you have joined our newsletter I will send advance notice next Wednesday of the following weeks discounts (sorry, this weeks one has gone as a thank you to those who already have signed up)

We'll see you back here soon

Shona x


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