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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Jubilee bag winner

Miss Incendiary Blonde!!

I've given up trying to copy the random number generator thing into the blog post - it looses it's data, even though I tried a new one. So I took a photo of it!! ha ha! It is here on instagram.  You can follow me there too if you like, for random pretty things that I see and think you might appreciate.

Anyhoo, Miss Incendiary Blonde is now the proud owner of the Jubilee Flavoured 50s Wicker bag.

It looks like Mel has things to wear with it and has already been in festive spirit 

Love this pic nicked from her blog.

I am sorry for all the other ladies who missed out - but hang around, we have some tickets coming up for not one but two very cool events. AND then we'll have to do something for when we hit 600 followers. Honestly, all this celebrating could go to ones head!

Shona x

Friday 25 May 2012

Jubilee Bag Giveaway!

The Sun has finally come out here in the UK, just in time for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations. Bunting is appearing in unusual places, and I have already purchased my union flag paper plates in preparation.

It is the perfect time for another giveaway, Red White and Blue themed of course!

No, it isn't one of our Red, White and Blue Fleur dresses, since we did that kind of recently, but we do have 15% off them until the end of May (we only have about 15 left so do be quick)

It is, instead, a 50s/60s wicker handbag with an adjustable strap (two domes hold it securely)
Here it is with the shorter adjustment...
and here with the strap in the longest position

I suspect it is American, since the buyer I got it from gets a lot from the states. I paid a whopping £65 for it because it is so very unusual. I love adjustable straps, and I also like bags with only one strap, since my shoulders seem too narrow to hold a second strap on!

It isn't perfect, but it is very very good for it's age. It has a couple of scuff marks and some stitching is coming undone at the bottom of the lining.

Overseas entries are welcome, though we realise that the prize might not get to you in time for the celebrations. But hey, there are the Olympics, Thanksgiving and Nautical parties that this bag would love to accompany you to.

The competition rules are straight forward and offer three chances to get involved...
  • For one entry, leave me a comment below. 
  • For another entry, you can retweet our quick competition.
  • For a third entry, post about the giveaway on your own blog! 
Please take careful note that each time you enter you must leave a separate comment. Don't leave me one comment saying you've done all three things, as it will only be counted once! 

If you commenting to say you've retweeted or blogged, please post the link.
The competition will close Monday 28th May at Midnight BST.
That should give us time to get the winner's address and get the bag in the post to you on Wednesday.

 Happy Celebrating!!

Shona x

Monday 21 May 2012

10 new (old) ways to jazz up your outfit with jewels

Here's some new inspiration from my "in search of charm" book.

I've used 5,6 and 7 before and a variation of 10 on a 40s style beret. How about you?

Shona x

Sunday 20 May 2012

A night out with Marilyn

An exciting email came through a while ago - one where I was invited OUT. And this was one charming invite! A chance to sup cocktails in a swish setting and then watch a movie - "My week with Marilyn" - with my mates. The Swish Setting is One Aldwych, a stunning hotel in covent garden central, where you know...all the cool people are, like these two...
Jeni Yesterday and Bethan got stuck in before they even got their coats off

Myself and Howard, who hosted us, and who very nicely engineered everyone to stay on time

As always I was drawn to the details in our fellow lovelies outfits - Jeni's skirt

Fleur's Bracelets

Charlotte's amazing hand made dress details

The evening was lovely. The cocktail hour could have dragged on a bit since none of us managed to finish our drinks properly. I've never seen such a huge icecube in my drink either! The service was excellent. Once the waiting staff realised that I wasn't eating any of the finger food because of my wheat allergy they came out with freshly prepared chocolate dipped strawberries. I only got one in before the girls made a jump for them too.

Minerva wore one of my Mary Dresses with a stunning twist on the colour combination
Definately a great combination

The swanky bar we hung about in delicately lounged in

One Aldwych have some lovely things going on that would tickle my fancy to go back and do. Firstly, the musical Top Hat has just started playing across the road. If you were planning a romantic trip to London, then staying at the hotel, supping cocktails, dinner and strolling over to the show would certainly make a memorable occasion.
Photo nicked from their Gallery 

Secondly, they are doing Martini Movies nights, with a movie in their private movie lounge, cocktails and a 3 course meal, which is quite reasonable for that much swankyness at £42.50 (if you think not, then you might not have gone for a movie in central London for a while!)

And Thirdly, they are doing "Modern British Afternoon Tea" which sounds like a great treat, and I must say I am keen to find out just how many chocolate dipped strawberries one can scoff in on sitting! (I think that would be quite a number actually)

Many thanks to Howard and One Aldwych for a lovely night out. I'm sure we will be back, perhaps even for "Midnight in Paris" which screens at the end of June.

Shona x

Thursday 17 May 2012

10 ways to boost your pin-up star rating

Well guys, I'm here suffering from the dreaded Hemsby Flu - the bug that everyone comes back with from the Hemsby Rock'n'Roll festival. Ohh it is a kicker! But I'm feeling rather cheered by the photos of the Hemsby Pin-up Competition

The event is in it's 3rd year now, and since the emphasis is on having fun and appreciating yourself for who you are - there was an array of ages and sizes competing this year. As with anything where you are on stage, it is those that looked the most confident and who seemed to be having a blast up there that stole the limelight.

Here are some pics. Even though I took my fancy camera, the lighting made it quite tricky. I don't have all the names of the contestants either, so I'll add them as I find out!

The eventual winner in her beach wear. She looks like she'd be great fun at the beach!

Excellent parasol skills

Our mature entry, she really boogied up there

Cheeky action while waiting for the judges to agree


Don't they all look great? I wish I had got better pics but there will be more coming up over at the Hemsby Pin-up Facebook page 

Getting up on stage can be tricky. I've done it a lot as a dancer, and when I'm teaching, so I'm observant at what seems to work and what doesn't. As a person who gets to see a lot of models both for still photography and like this, on stage, this is my top 10 ways to boost your pin up star rating...

  1. Practise your poses and know what angle they work from. Are you best side on or front on? 
  2. Work out the details - pointed toes or flexed? Head tilted?
  3. Hold your poses - you can say in one spot for quite a few seconds, your audience won't get bored and you can then think about the next one
  4. The changes between the poses can be little, not big. Shrug your shoulder, cheeky smile, a wink. It is easier to focus on you when you are not dashing about (and it gives the photographers a chance to catch up)
  5. Move slowly to the next pose. Make the transition as gorgeous as the next pose.  You'll need less poses if you make some meat out of the transitions. 
  6. Get really competent with any props you are using, you are better without it if it is going to be troublesome
  7. Look confident by keeping your head up and smiling
  8. Have fun, no matter what you are wearing
  9. Wear GREAT shoes. It'll help you walk tall
  10. Strut - as much as you dare! Small movements are lost on stage so give it 110% not just 100%
Shona x

Monday 7 May 2012

Don't be the one to miss out! 24 hour sale!

Just a quick note to let you know that we have a 24 hour sale with 20% off everything in our webshop!
It runs until Tuesday 8th May at Noon (British Standard Time)
Please be quick because once it is gone it is gone!

If you want to be advised early of future sales, new products and events, make sure you have at least one of these ways to follow Heyday!

Sign up for our Newsletter by creating an account (you will also be sent a £5 voucher for your birthday)
Follow us on Twitter as HeydayVS
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And I am also on Instagram as HeydayVintageStyle

I look forward to seeing you at one of these other "places" too!

Shona x

Photo credits:
Kitten von Mew taken by Claire Pursglove
Lola Lamour taken by Candee Photography
Husband Heyday taken by Me

Friday 4 May 2012

Did you think the Jukebox fair is just jukeboxes?

Hello there!

Where did the time go? I'm sure I left you alone for only a week, but now that I look, it was actually two! I am very sorry. Things have been a bit rushed here at Heyday Headquarters, but I have missed you!

Last weekend we were stalling out at the Brighton Jukebox and Retro show. It is SOOO much more than just jukeboxes - it is a great day out with lots of good shopping to be had. We have done it for years and I actually think I could say that this year was the best in terms of delicious stalls and delightful customers. I don't generally see the band, being stuck to the stall (or...um... shopping and chatting to friends...) so you can see a more complete review over at Incendiary Blonde's blog.
Here is Mel, Incendiary Blonde herself in the moment that we finally met...

(I'm in a Fleur dress and Rocket Original shoes. I do believe Mel is wearing Freddies of Pinewood jeans and Remix shoes... and the BEST necklace EVER)

It is only the second show of the year, so often things need sorting out on the stall, for instance, we debate over which way around is better to hang the men's trousers. Er, yes, that would be MY way thanks!
My Mr Heyday, AKA The Wolf doing his bit with those annoying clippy hangers
We had a drop in by Vicky - the Manager at What Katie Did's Portabello Road Boutique. She was in Brighton anyway and was so happy there was a shopping trip to be had. She came in to check her size in our latest Ladies Gabs. She even surprised herself when she fell IN LOVE with the Harlequin one because she thought she would just want the less colourful, yet more blingy "Evening Jacket". 
While we are there we stay with our friends Jan and Mike Brown who run Home Sweet Homestyle. They are lovely friends and Jan has a massive historical knowledge of jewellery, lamps, scarves and hollywood leading actors. 
Mostly though, we ohh and ahhh over buttons when we are together. 

Thank you Brighton Jukebox and Retro Fair for having us again

Shona x

P.S: We need to do a minor upgrade to the back end of our website tomorrow, so it will be down for a couple of hours tomorrow (Saturday) Morning 

P.P.S: Sorry the photos aren't so great, I only took my little camera, which is more convenient but less able in the fluorescent lighting


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