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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I love your shoes!

Have you ever told a stranger that you loved her shoes as you passed her on the street? Or her dress or bag... I found you get as big a pick-me-up as she does when you see her beaming smile!
(I met this stunning girl on the streets of NY)

I sat down with a bunch of ladies on the subway and told them I wanted a picture of their shoes all together. We giggled like school-girls as we each stretched out a foot for the photo. This is what we got!

(you can recognise me by my navy Rocket Originals!)

I got a nice surprise when I got a compliment the other day too. We all could do with a bit more of that eh?

Shona x 


  1. What a great post and a cute idea...you are right, giving a compliment always feels just as good as getting one!


  2. cute idea Shona! I have done that in fact I stopped a cocktail waitress in vegas and loved them so much I tracked them down and bought them!

  3. Excellent, Shona. I always stop and compliment strangers when they look fab! And you're right giving a compliment is as good as receiving one. x

  4. I've made a promise to myself to tell people when I like their hair or clothes as it makes me so happy when people do it to me!

    It's nice to spread the love around!

  5. Yes i do that to people all the time,same goes for perfume.I actually used to tell people their tags were out,button undone etc because i appreciate when people tell me but alot of people don't care anymore & are just annoyed.Older ladies usually appreciate it though:)
    I love the sky blue wedges with the bow,they are so sweet.

  6. I tend to keep compliments in my head because I'm too shy, which is so silly because I know it feels good to get them! And, I always want to tell people their tags are out (like Mrs Cleaver) but never do, either. Unless I know them.
    -Andi x

  7. I am a bit more forward, I tell them their tag is out while tucking it in for them! Often I tell them they look good at the same time, so they are left happy.
    I also fix collars. If it is a bloke I often good naturedly say "Who dressed you?" which lets him off the hook and makes anyone that witnesses it giggle.

  8. What a liberating idea! i do intend to try this and hope to bring a smile to the face of a woman when i can.


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