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Sunday, 1 August 2010

War and Peace show 2010 part 1

We are still de-dusting, but this years War and Peace show fun-factor beat all others for us, hence I better do two posts about it, else this one will be a drag.  I must apologise that this might be info heavy with contacts. Please refer to the very bottom for more info where I have marked a * – if you are interested...On with the show...

Setting up the marquee stall takes 2 days – Mr Wolf and I go early to put the structure up, then I do another days set up before the event officially opens on the Wednesday.  It is a long event, running for 5 days, so once you add in the set up days, I am pretty much camping for a week. It might sound fun, and it is. It is also hard going and by the end of it I could sleep for a month, every nail is broken, everything I eat tastes of tank dust and I am fed up of green (my favourite colour)!

Once all the hard work is done we met lots of lovely people.  Retrochick came and tracked me down and we had a wee chat – sorry we didn’t have longer lovely! I hope we meet again soon. And the gorgeous Natasha and Jay stopped by for some scarf shopping, and a couple of safety pins!
It was the Fleur dresses first outing and it was loved by all that saw it.  My good friend Jenny who helps on the stall wore hers for 3 days (with washes in between of course) and with her demonstration (“look, pockets!”) curvy and petite girls alike were thrilled to see such a pretty number to purchase. One such customer is this happy gal pictured here with our Jenny on the right. Two blonde bombshells together – WOW!
Here is Jenny and I lined up with Doll-face who stood in for Fleur! (Fleur is about the same height, but much cleverer). We didn’t mind wearing the same dress, as we had a number of handsome men in uniform stop by for a photo with us – heh heh.. – send me the pics boys!

The ravishing Kitten von Mew came by and oozed her sleek self into one of my Mary dresses. (These are old stock BTW, so have not been living on the website). She wore it to dance in and stunned some of the military men (well, everything else was khaki, coated in a sheen of dust, so did she had an extra advantage, being A: clean and B: in red, not to mention the fact that she is sunny and gorgeous too)

Kitten's work this weekend was extra special as it is the first where she has sung live.  Her bird in a cage number is really wonderful. Such props! Such attention to detail! While lurking out backstage (see below) I took a snap of kittens outfit, it looks like she just melted into the box. Check out those shoes! (I did say to her... “excuse me Miss, I think you stepped on a chicken” heh heh.)

Mr Wolf was asked to be an extra lead in a performance to help out our friends Paul and Natasha*.  Twan was delighted and, though he only had a few practises (and none with the girl he was to lead) the performance went really well.  They performed on the Sat night dance (hence me lurking back stage. I didn’t try your shoes on Kitten, but there might be some drool marks..)  and also at the USO dance* earlier the same night. Well done all of you – it was fantastic.  The theme was red white and blue and I got to join in for the freestyle finale.

our dusty red shoes* after performing. 
The outfits around the event are pretty cool – there are various military uniforms, in British, American and German mostly.  I would love to get myself a New Zealand military number, and Twan could have something Dutch. We do fly the NZ flag, which is helpful for finding our way back to the tent in the mass of stalls that are there. Twan wears his Royal Artillery Major's uniform for at least one day (it is a bit hot, so I am amazed at how many re-enactors do it for the whole week.)
Some people reading this might think it strange that there are people dressing in German military outfits in England, but this is common on the re-enacting front. They perform, in that they re-create, a battle, so for that you do need both sides. Just like Cowboys and Indians, it really is no fun if there is only one team. I also understand that re-enactors might also play different nationalities on different days.  (If there are re-enactors reading this that can add information please do). 

Jenny found Mr Wolf a vintage pair of pink pyjamas (for which we sang a modified song, HE’LL be wearing pink pyjamas...rather loudly... to him) He will model them for you later this year. Jenny and I did a serious amount of vintage shopping, mostly at Dress Circle and at Vintage and Revival (no website for either sorry). I have some make do and mend to do on mine before they are shown off.

I will leave you now with a selection of Civilian outfits we saw there. The green floral number with the bicycle is one of my Mary dresses, the rest are all vintage. 


Shona x

The info bit:
The overalls I am wearing for setting up are from Freddies of Pinewood
*Paul and Natasha run the Quick Quick Club and they teach Balboa (our favourite dance) on a Wednesday night.
* the red shoes pic: most are Remix vintage shoes with the exception of one pair of Aris Allens (I think)


  1. I am so in love with that Fleur dress! Once I have found a buyer for my right kidney I'll be back for it!

    It was very nice to meet you, even briefly!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! I wish I could go. ;]
    Are NZ uniforms similar to the Australian ones? (My knowledge of military history of ANY country is very limited).
    -Andi x
    PS Ooh, balboa! That's one of my favourites (to watch, I've not done any, yet).

  3. Hey Andi
    I really am not sure about the uniforms, someone did tell me that they were the same as the Australian ones, which would make sense really. I guess they would have their own badges or pins to make them different.
    I am thrilled you know about Bal, when we came here 8 years ago no-one knew about it at all. We learnt it from teachers that would fly to the states to get tuition, and now it is everywhere!


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