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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Well Hello!

I have had a protracted silence at this end only because I have been on a bit of a whirlwind roller coaster ride, with lots of travelling, events and photo shoots to manage, combined with a horrid cough that, while I soldiered on, threatened to KILL Mr Wolf. As we all know Man Flu is deadly.  

On top of that the car, our purple work horse, is on its last legs and had me stranded for 2.5 hours one cold and stormy night because it stopped, like, HAVING GEARS! Arrgghh! Ok ok, it wasn't THAT bad, as after all, I had a buddy with me, Big Pete (you might have danced with him) and the pub was just around the corner...and we got to ride in a tow truck.

Anyhoo, we are starting to recover and I have lots to catch you up on, so hopefully I will get through some of them this week.  For now I just want to remind Brit based vintage lovers about the Goodwood Revival this coming weekend. 
John and I in matching outfits (fluke) by our matching car (imaginary)
There is nothing else like it in the WORLD, where you can see vintage motorcars racing each other. The whole site is built up to be pre 1966 (the year that cars are deemed "classic"). A lot of people put in some effort to dress up, usually from 1930s - 1960s and some purposely match their cars! (You can see we had to "borrow" some matching cars!)
Mr Wolf with dream car
besides the dressing up and dancing (our fave combo), there are great bands, lots of roving comedy acts, lots of great things to look at, buy and consume.
Sheri about to get cuffed and clobbered
We used to go even before we ran the stall and 2005 was I think, my favourite year (probably because we were not working - so no surprise there!). These pics are from then, with our good friends Sheri and John.  
Some of the dancing, including Tony and Jackie from Rye Bal Swing
If you do come, you can go all out with the outfit, if you choose to. Because of the "racing" element a bit of extra finery doesn't look out of place.  You can see that we are in the full get-up, and loving every minute of it. My hat is actually sporting yellow buttons I sewed on, because I wanted a polka-dot look!
always a bit of a tart!
If you do go, come and see us. We have our pitch by Gate 14 and would love to see you!

Shona x


  1. Big Pete? That nice guy from Reading?
    Wow, you two look awesome!

  2. SuperHeidi (I have a bit of a theme song going in my head as I write that, to the tune of wonder woman) - YEP, the nice guy from Reading. If he isn't dancing then he is on a bike, with a beer or eating cheese.

  3. It's a small and funny world! Pete was my camping neighbour in Eauze last August. I didn't dance with him (yet?). Though my teacher said I should have. He 's ever so nice. He even received the True Gentleman Award the last night of the summer camp but he already left the afternoon… on his bike. (That's why some called him "Iron Man Pete").

    Oh... wonder woman is far better than the Heidi tune of the Japanese animation series that everyone used to sing to me when it was on tv!

  4. Goodwood looks such fun! I've actually never been but know so many who have. Shame can't do it this weekend as off to see a friend make her solo debut! Have fun, I know you will!!

  5. haha! very nearly laughed out loud at that last picture. Fantastic. Wish I could come to such events. Too young, too far and too poor!


  6. I love these photos! Hope you have a great time this year too. We're gearing up for Windy Lindy this weekend: I'll be coordinating the Friday competitions and am planning to be handing out prizes in my 'Mary' dress :)

  7. Hi Shona! Goodwood is class. Have an excellent time won't you? We can't do it this year, but next year definately

  8. Goodwood looks amazing! I would love to visit sometime! Have a great time!

  9. >The whole site is built up to be pre 1966 (the year that cars are deemed "classic")<

    Yipee I'm a classic!!

  10. Hello Shona, twas lovely to meet you on Friday. I wore my new Heyday blouse to work today and had tonnes of complimets, the girlies in the office all want them so I have pointed them in your direction. Hope all's well.
    Gemma x

  11. Shona,
    I was just reading the Male Pattern Boldness blog and saw that your "always a bit of a tart" photo was featured in a recent post. I'm not surprised he nabbed it - it's a classic!
    - Susan

  12. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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