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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Good Thinking 99!

As my title suggests, I am a bit of a Maxwell Smart fan.

Anyway, it is loosely connected to the fact that I am REALLY excited because I have got 99 followers! You lovely people! I am so honoured you are interested in my ramblings, even though they have been few and far between of late.

ONE more, just ONE more and I can launch my first ever competition! Wee!! Come on someone, follow me! I really hope I can run the competition next week because I am quite jazzed up about it.

Next week also marks the end of my big selling events for the year, since this weekend is the Hemsby Rock'n'Roll weekend. This is both sad and good news, as I love getting out and speaking to my clients directly, and I enjoy hanging out with fellow traders that include Freddies of pinewood, Home Sweet Homestyle,  Rocket Originals and Dead men's spex.  On the other hand, I am looking forward to more at-home time, and time to work on some new designs for you lovely people!

I have a few shopping activities on my agenda this weekend.  I haven't tried Rockets new jumpers yet...
Cotton Mix Red & Cream sweaterCotton Mix Nautical Sweater
and I will also grill them about when their new shoe is coming!

Mr Wolf is keen to check out Freddies new men's trousers with a buckle back.

And since Mr Dead Man (as he calls himself) is my neighbour there will be a fair amount of trying on of glasses in the quiet periods.

Anyhoo, I am off to slumberland now as I am up with the birds in the morning to get on the road to Great Yarmouth.  Please let me come back on Monday to ONE more follower!

Shona x


  1. Lol when i was little my mum always said good thinking 99 whenever we had done or said something clever:)
    Have a great weekend,here's to one more follower by monday!Luv the new patterns for the blouses,just beautiful!

  2. Hope it all goes well, shame I'm not there but also secretly happy to be at home as you will be from next week onwards YAY!

  3. Yaaay, you're at 104!

    Hope it goes well too!


  4. Hey Shona ,i hope you didn't think i was correcting you,i wasn't .I didn't know which was the correct line just that my mum said that one .
    Congrats on reaching over 100 followers:)

  5. Ask and you shall receive. You wanted just one more to reach 100, and now you're at 105! Good work, 99.

  6. I see you have well over 100 followers now! Wheeee!

  7. 106 Whoppeee! Welcome new Heydayees!
    Mrs Cleaver, nope definitely not, and thank you very much for checking with me anyway. I had done the post late at night (eyeballs on the keyboard and all) so had forgotten to check what the wording should be. Because you were so quick I was able to correct it so that was fab.
    Competition time now - goody goody!

  8. Oh good, i'm glad.Thanks for letting me know:)
    Whoo ,competition time,exciting!!
    I have actually fallen asleep with my head on the keyboard before so i can relate.Not a good look having keyboard impressions on your forehead lol :D


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