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Friday, 15 October 2010

Off on Heyday Holidays

I am really excited over here, Mr Wolf has organised a trip to Egypt for us! Aren't I lucky? 
I am sure you know that we have had so many events and have been working really hard for a lot of weeks on end. This is our first chance to get away and Egypt is on my bucket list of things to do and see. Now I am working like a honey bee because we leave on Wednesday! Eeeck!
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We have a week on a cruise and a week in a hotel - Eeeee! I haven't cruised before either - how STYLISH. I will be lapping up every moment,and probably not sleeping much for over excitement.
Apparently the shopping out there is pretty good - though of course not for vintage wear, so I am not sure there will be much for me. Has anyone been before? Any tips?
I have to tell you something a bit funny.  It is of course, the Pyamids that are highest on our priority list. Normally when booking anything Mr Wolf and I fuss and fuss about dates and researching our destination, sometimes then missing a deal, or getting to a stalemate of indecision and not going. This time we just went online and did it - and so chuffed with ourselves we were! 
Then we realised we were going to Luxor... and the Pyamids are in Cairo!  NOoooo! And it is not like they are close! So, we will probably get a day trip to go and see them anyway.
 It will be a LONG day trip, but better than not seeing them at all.
Cairo by Air Vintage Poster Fine Art Print
Since I knew that crocodiles lived on the Nile, and that we were cruising the Nile, I got a wee bit freaked about crocodiles swimming underneath the boat while I was asleep.  Never mind when I was awake, it was the sleuth like steath of a croc while I was un-awares that scared me...
Until Mr Wolf checked out the croc stats, and found they have all been moved on when the dam was built.  Now I am disappointed I won't see ANY!  (Honestly, there is no pleasing some people!)
Now gorgeous Lovelies, I need to pack to be cool, and respectful of the culture, and lightweight of course.  Being a vintage gal seems to be an advantage as all my dresses and skirts reach to below the knee, and I have lots of sleeved options too. While I might not risk taking too much favourite vintage, even look-a-like Repro items have these features.

I will be hemming a pair of my own design beige trousers (above) to take because of their lightweight viscose content, and one of the cotton Olivia blouses will come too, along with at least one high-street peasant blouse
Egypt vintage travel poster
this one from here
I am wondering if I risk taking a couple of vintage favourites, one rayon and one moygashel linen dress? They are lovely and cool and I can hand wash them anyway. A vintage swimsuit and possibly a playsuit are also on the list (for in the hotel complex of course). And I will be taking my Fleur wrap dress too.

Speaking of the wrap dress, you may be wondering what will happen with my give-away, as the finish date is while I am away?  Well, the talented AND gorgeous Fleur, the dress's own namesake, is going to manage the selection and posting of the prize. Thank you dear Fleur!
I am so thrilled that I am now nearing 200 followers! Yikes! Does this mean I need to do another give away? Oh no point asking you lot, you will just say yes won't you?


  1. Have a fab time Shona...give the pyramids a wave for me!
    And yes...you will have to have another giveaway! xxx

  2. Oh gosh are you going already wow that's come around quick! Have a wonderful restful time! I'm sure you will. Have fun, forget all about business and just live a life of luxury, you deserve it!

  3. Just don't drink any water that hasn't been bottled or boiled, you don't want gastrointestinal problems to ruin your trip. Have fun. And yes, another giveaway please, I strolled through your shop and there are a lot of fab items, it'd be lovely if you would give something away from that again.

  4. As you are cruising down the Nile I would take a few cardigans or sweaters. My mum in law went this time last year and she said that while on the deck of the boat it gets quite chilly. The other thing is if you do go and see the pyramids wear trousers as the wind picks up the sand and sand blasts your legs and it hurts. If I can think of any other tips I will let you know.

  5. Wow have a fab time you lucky girl ;-)) Dee

  6. Have the best of times! Sooo jealous.xxxx

  7. Congrats for choosing a really great travel destination! I was travelling a bit in Egypt a couple of years ago with my friend who is an Egyptologist (and therefore I had the best guide one could get). And I really want to go back... Shopping is mostly about handicraft and souvenirs, when it comes to clothes I really didn't see anything (except for scarves and such). What comes to the Nile, I would be more afraid of the dirty water than the crocodiles... :) And oh yes, be very careful with water, handwashing procedurs and everything, Egypt is one of the easiest places to get tourist stomach diseases :S....
    Cairo and Luxor are both great places with A LOT to see, and very far away from each others, I wouldn't be too sure a daytrip will give you enough time (the pyramids in Cairo are not even that close to the city) so my advice would be to make it into at least a two-daytrip...

  8. So jealous! I so want to go to Egypt! I bet you'll find tons of fab stuff to buy. There was a lady who married an Egyptian guy and ran a store near where I went to high school. They'd go to Egypt and bring back tons of stuff to sell. My favorite pair of earrings is from that store. :)

  9. There are lots of shopping opportunities for local goods, not sure about branded goods but I went to Luxor, haven't been to Cairo. You must barter like your life depends on it, starting at maybe 60% of what they ask you to pay. The golden rule though is to only pay what it is worth to you. There are lots of souveniers to be had, some tackier than others!

    One of the first words you will hear is 'bakshish' - tip! They will fight to carry your suitcase, fight to get you to buy something, get in their taxi etc, but don't worry if you say no they do back off.

    If you stop in Luxor, which presumably on a cruise you will, the Valley of the Kings is a must. You used to get a ticket for three tombs, and King Tut's tomb is a seperate ticket. If you give the toimb guards backshish they will let you into additional tombs though. It gets very hot so headwear is a must.

    And you are right, don't put your hands in the Nile, I saw a dead donkey floating down it!!

    Of course, when you are on your cruise, you might see Hercule Poirot! We want to see lots of pics when you get back!!

  10. Take lots of 'Death on the Nile' themed photos!

  11. Can't wait to see your photos when you get back! Safe travels!

  12. Lucky lady! Have a great time :)

  13. Can't wait to see the pictures! Have a great time!

  14. Thanks for all the tips so far! Cardies and long trousers going into the mix now.
    Me thinks the second give-away will have to be after I get back, as it is not fair on Fleur to manage two!

  15. Ooooh I am so jealous!
    I'd love to go to Egypt!
    Have fun :)

  16. Oooh, have a fab time! So exciting, it'll be like an episode of Poirot....

  17. Hello!

    I really love reading your blog, and have left a 'blog award' for you on my page at http://annieanniepancake.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-award-3.html

    Enjoy! ;), Annie xxxx

  18. Shona, what a lovely blog! Are any of your creations stocked in New Zealand? I love your swing trousers...

  19. Have a fan-dabby-dozey time!
    p.s. You are in my list for the one lovely blog award!

  20. Oh Shona, you are such a lucky girl! What a fabulous trip you have planned - with or without crocodiles!

    Love the "Land of Eternal Sunshine" vintage poster - just think, that will be you in a few days!
    - Susan

  21. Oh, how exciting!!! Please don't forget to take pictures!!! And yes you will need another give away. hahaha.


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