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Wednesday 17 November 2010

Gift Idea - Kitten Calendars

Hi all - Christmas is hurtling towards us!  Eeck!
For those of you who are vintage fans (ok, that is most of you) and have a man somewhere in your life, (or even if you don't) we have a Chrismas present solution for you - the 2011 Kitten von Mew calendars!
This is one classy calendar, one that Grandad could cope with... and yet cheeky enough to keep red blooded males silent with admiration (I have seen them on the stall, they get REAL quiet).
If you don't know Kitten already, she performs incredibly authentic burlesque routines and can cater for family audiences as well as corporate events.
Not only did Kitten manage and design the calendar, coming up with the concept of each of the gorgeous monthly themes and styling each outfit, she actually did all the graphics as well. Not just a pretty face eh? 
You might need to be quick, as I have only about 20 left.  You can get them on my website.
 As an added bonus, Kitten was generous enough to pop over when we were both at Goodwood Revival to sign and KISS them all. 
 She got through quite a bit of lippy and I bet her smackers were sore by the end!
One happy customer!
She is wearing her RAF fancy fan performance outfit, which, while it is wool, there is not a lot of it. While she froze her goose bumps off, she caused a bit of a stir - check out the poor chap in the background trying to work out what he was missing!

If you are interested, please be quick as there will not be any more printed, and I have some of the very last stock around.


  1. Well, I might have to treat Lord Cherry to one of those ;-) x

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that I love your blog so I have given you an award. You can pick it up here:

    Emma @ Emma aime

  3. Oh my, one award after another! Sorry - no awards to give you right now...just a cheery Hello! This does look like a fun calendar. No Mister in my life to give it to, though. Darn...


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