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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I fell off the treadmill

Hello again!!

I am sorry I have neglected you all for so long. I fell off the treadmill!  Nothing bad happened, no catastrophe to blame my slackness on. Not even anything exciting to whisk me away from you all.... nope...nothing but I the fact that I have been worn out, feeling poorly, not sleeping well, having appointments about my dodgy knees and completely full up from just keeping up. So without really intending to I fell off from Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and even REAL people for nearly 6 whole weeks! I haven't even done any sewing, or turned out my summer wardrobe, or watched the rest of the Mad Men series one (I am far behind!). I have barely called my mother. In fact, March? What March? I think I missed it.
What I have been doing is looking after myself, which is a very valuable thing to do. I had to get to 38 before I learnt how. Yet even when things feel at a standstill, life does slowly tick over, so this is a wee update:
I have nearly completed a 6 week beginners course at Burlesque Baby
So THAT is how you walk!? Who knew?  And I can tell you, it is a walk that will get you noticed and possibly (hopefully) given free things. I am thinking: Lamborghini, diamonds and champagne, though I will think myself lucky if I get a cuppa tea and a bus ride. Now, I am not planning on becoming a burlesque star, and not even sure I will get my puppies out even in the next block of classes, but my inner Dolly Parton is loving it. As the song goes..."well, hello, Dolly... It's so nice to have you back where you belong". A bit of strutting about goes a long way.
That delectable gymnast above is my teacher, the lovely and gorgeous Ruby Deshabille (pic shamelessly nicked from her facebook page). Ruby, when do we get that stockings off trick in class? (hmmm, on second thoughts, I might not survive the process, having suffocated myself with my own boobs. Maybe not then.)
I've been working away on various projects, one of which started to bear fruit yesterday on a photo shoot with Gordon Ayres. He is REALLY good. Here is a wee taster, including a neighbourhood cat, though it doesn't give nought away yet (heh heh). The model here is the lovely Gemma from Bake do and Mend. 
The rest of everything has been varied...knitting a 30s twinset, off to a masked ball, admiring the daffodils, lapping up Boardwalk Empire and trolling the Hammersmith vintage fair. Even just getting down to work with the doors open and the birds a-larking in the trees has been fab. With spring finally here I have got some bounce back, just like Dolly here.
Yeah HA!


  1. glad to see you back! was just thinking of you, actually, i'm tackling a pair of wide leg pants and summoning you for inspiration. the cocktails also have helped.

  2. Glad to see you back hon! Now why didn't you teach us girls a trick or two when we were out the other weekend, we might have got it free.... or we might have been thrown out I guess ;o)

  3. Welcome back! Gotta love a bit of Dolly Parton :)

  4. Welcome back, Shona...missed you.
    Love Dolly.xxx

  5. Ooh isn't Gem looking lovely! I do need to get myself a pair of your trews, but I can never decide on which colour.

    Glad you've been taking care of yourself, sometimes you just need to stop everything for a while. But better way to come back than with some Dolly xx

  6. Welcome back, Shona!
    Oh you poor thing. I can understand feeling a bit flat, I'm glad you took some time out to rest.

    Thats so awesome about the burlesque classes! I've only ever had one (i won a block of 5 once at a swing social for being 'best dressed', yay!), and i felt and looked as awkward as an elephant tottering in my heels! But it was awesome fun to get my hips swinging and i'd love to go back, as soon as i have time!

    Can't wait to see your projects!


  7. Hello!

    Glad you're feeling bouncy! I'd love to do burlesque classes but I can never commit to be home on the same day every week!

  8. That cat looks like it has evil intentions on it's mind!

    Glad you are feeling better. :-)

  9. Awww honey, sounds like you did the right this to take some time out. Love that pic of little Gemgem. I wish I were photogenic enough to model something but I've realised most photos of me look like post mortem shots these days - heh. xxx

  10. Learning to look after yourself is, indeed, a valuable thing to learn and something I still struggle with! <3
    -Andi x

  11. I'd love to do burlesque classes, but here in Rome there are only one and costs so much I can not afford it :-( !

    By the way: the past week end I wore one of your dresses: beautiful (pictures on my blog)!! Thanks a lot!


  12. Your blog makes me smile:)

  13. Looking after yourself is always the most important thing so well done to you for doing it! It's nice to have you back though, even if I am dreadfully behind on my blog reading and have only just noticed ;-)
    Big hugs -x-

  14. really
    blog exudes good humor
    don't stop;)


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