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Friday, 9 December 2011

This is me

Today it was unseasonably warm. As in, too hot to get dressed. I'm wondering if our upstairs neighbours forgot to turn their heating off and we were the happy beneficiaries while they went to work. It was also gloriously sunny.
Because I had my hair in curlers I wasn't planning on leaving the house, so it was the perfect day for a last-unexpected-summer-dress-mostly-inside-anyway day. 
(I'm deliberately looking to the side because I am terrible at looking into bright sunlight)
So here is just me, without make-up and my hair in curlers. If I don't expect to meet anyone I let my face breathe, even though it makes me feel quite naked. Typically and ironically, not one but TWO people dropped in on me to see me like this today! Grrrr!
I don't really like to share me un-done, it is a bit uncomfortable to be honest. But I think it is important to let you know that some days are not altogether glamorous at Heyday Headquarters
This is a one off Fleur dress just made for me. I collect simple "not too poofy" petticoats anywhere I can find them to co-ordinate with my Fleurs. This one was actually an old Monsoon skirt from a charity shop that I took up. It's silk so feels LUSH.
No outfit post from me would be complete without the SHOES now would it? I picked these up from the charity shop for a tenner yesterday. (Anyone else notice that charity shop shoes have really gone up in price over the last couple of years?) They are unworn Clarks and I know I get on well with them so that is ok. The style is "bombay lights" and they currently come in black, navy and burgundy. (They also come in flats, worn here). From the front they look quite authentic enough, and the heel is a good shape, but I wish they would cover the heel in the same leather, because they would then be 89% vintage looking rather than 73% vintage looking, if you get what I mean.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend - be it glamorous or just comfy. 
See what happens when I look straight at the sun?


  1. fab post as usual ! I got my vintage cloak for a fiver so i'll blog it at some point - xxx

  2. You look beautiful! I love this post!!

  3. You say 'not altogether glamorous'; I'm seeing the brooch, the shoes and the dress and all you have to do is take those curlers out to be very glam for daytime.

  4. Wow, that old Monsoon skirt looks fab :-) I don´t get it too, why can´t they produce matching covered heels? But 73% isn´t bad, sometimes it´s even less vintage looking ;-)

  5. I love "un-made-up" posts. Makes me feel normal :) I have been thinking of giving bendy rollers another pop - you have inspired me.

    As for charity shops - EVERYTHING is going up (don't get me started!!!) but I have to say those shoes were a bargain :) And lush.

  6. I am REALLY BAD at vintage hair.My hair really lets me down, so I amalways intrigued to see exctly how others do theirs. Going out immediately to get some foam noodles. :)

    You look great. You always lookgreat. I love your style. :)

  7. Hee hee - I have a habit of leaving brooches on dresses until they go to the wash, so looking so-ordinated is brainless. Which is great until you are looking for a brooch and can't remember that it is attached to a dress!

  8. Love seeing you in your dresses! (I loved taking my Mary dress for a spin last weekend- am hoping to wear it again soon).

  9. I instantly fell in love with you figure- beautiful! Oh, and the dress is nice too. :) he he he

  10. I'm so jealous of your hair setting skills! I'm horrid at it, hopefully I shall improve one day... Love that Fleur that you made for yourself too! The colors are so pretty!

  11. I love the colourways of that dress - fantastic! I never know where to look in photos either I'm just as bad squinting at the flash as the sun!! I'm learning though!

    Maxine xx

  12. Lovely post and I'm very taken with the outfit...great colours.xxx

  13. Neat to see you in your rollers - reminds me of getting ready to go out dancing with you two. Funnily enough, I was just thinking of you on saturday as I used my set of hot sticks too :-)

  14. Such a charmingly pretty ensemble, I love every last piece and would sport it in a heartbeat!

    Wishing you a beautiful Friday, sweet gal!

  15. Ooh, I love your one-off Fleur. But I know what you mean about sharing photos of yourself un-made up. I certainly don't feel comfortable doing it, either! Plus, I don't bother taking photos of myself then, either.
    -Andi x


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