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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

This is the most elegant way to don a coat

Here are the last of Mary Young's Coat rules. Some of you LOVED the first lot of coat rules

Really, Mary was training young women in all the fancy ways to behave, and while it is easy to scoff at these rituals now, in some settings it might still be quite important, 

after all, Prince Harry is still available isn't he?

I don't think he could take a girl home to meet his grandmother if she "flung her coat on and rushed about" or got her gloves all mucked up with her coat sleeves.

So now you know, just in case you get invited to tea...

Shona x


  1. I do it right when i'm sophisticated but always do wrong with my other casual outfit.
    Clothes do the elegant people sometimes.

  2. keep gloves on the outside of the coat when sl;eeves are being drawn. I am not sure I am elegant enough to understand the directions LOL

  3. haha.... I think I fling my coat on, normally with my hat still in the hood!! I'd never be asked for tea!! x

  4. Really nice advices to become more ladylike. I try to put on my coats next time like that.


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