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Thursday 2 August 2012

When you become vintage

I knew I've been away for a while, but flicking through my last entries I realise that I haven't really shared much at all of late. I'm really sorry. I think I have been 1) tired and held back by some kinda bug after the war and peace show and 2) preoccupied with work and other important things.
Specially made mini 40th Birthday Cake! (sorry iphone pic not the best)

One of those important things was my 40th birthday! Wow. How did that happen? I used to question people who said that it "crept" up on them, I mean, that isn't really possible since you know how old you are, and when your birthday is...don't you? But in truth it does creep up, or, more likely, you ignore it until it pounces on you.
Ealing Jazz festival in my birthday week

Well, I don't mind being 40, it doesn't feel any different really, it still feels like 35, or 29 or even 18, I still feel like me. It's when I drink too much and stay up too late that it 40 shows itself the next day!

I haven't done too much for my birthday. My own celebrations will wait a bit, but the Olympics committee were nice enough to put on a big spectacle of fireworks and ring Big Ben to tell all that it was my birthday.

And all these really fit people paraded about and the Queen jumped out of a Helicopter!

I had to wear this dress to celebrate - it's the one that has presents on it

And then a dancing friend had his 60th birthday so I got to go to a party with all my friends AND I didn't have to host it. I think that is some kinda clever really

Here's Mr Wolf and Matt doing the Dean Collins Shim Sham back to back. They love getting together and doing all their fancy footwook.

Friends Jenny and Barry on the dance floor. Check out the print on her dress! It is divers and submarines!

Another friend Susie and our fans

I also see that I'm nearing the 600 followers mark on my blog! Hello lovely new people?
Ohhh what shall we give away?

Shona x


  1. 40 and fabulous! I'm going to be 40 next year and I can't imagine how this has happened, I don't feel in the least like a grown up.

  2. Oh but you don't look a day over 30 (or 25;) dear! Happy birthday!

  3. Ahhhh! Many happy returns to you dear Shona! You look simply gorgeous! Here's to the next 40 years! Vicky.F.xvx

  4. Ah I love that you are wearing a present dress on your birthday! So adorable! Many happy returns for your 40th, here's to many more years of looking gorgeous.

  5. Happy birthday!! *scream*. You had a good time judging from those pics. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love your dress in the first picture, I'm glad you had such a great birthday week. I think a whole week to celebrate is the absolute minimum for a birthday. On the whole I find life just keeps getting better now I'm in the 4's and I hope it's the same for you. :-)

  7. Lovely photos! Lovely outfits! Huzzah for swing dancing and the Olympics putting on a spectacle just for you! Many, many happy returns of the day. :)

  8. Happy Birthday! I turned 40 last February....it's just a number and wasn't a very big deal for me. I'm like you, what is 40 suppose to feel like exactly?? No difference for me! :)


  9. Happy birthday!!
    Those green sunglasses are THE BEST thing I've seen in a while. You look fantastic in them!

  10. Happy Birthday! =D
    Lovely photos, so many cute dresses.

  11. Happy Birthday! You look fantastic! :)

    xx Christina

  12. Absolutely joyful birthday wishes, dear gal! You don't look anywhere even remotely close to 40, and speaking of looking, you're all together completely gorgeous in these fun shoots!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. Happy birthday! You're right, 40 does creep up on you :( x

  14. Happy belated birthday, Shona!
    -Andi x

  15. Hope you had a great 40th birthday Shona :o)

  16. Happy belated b'day Shona,looks like you had a good one & looked fabulous doing it!My b'day was on the 5th of August & i was 38 & my inlaws bought me...clothes from Heyday!!Hooray!!:)

  17. Hey! Happy Belated Birthday! I just turned 40 on July 17. Happy Being Vintage to us!!! I just discovered your blog and really enjoy it. Love your style.

    Take care


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