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Friday, 14 September 2012

Vintage Resurrection: On the Wagon

I've had this dress for a while, but didn't wear it much, despite the fact that I loved the print. The thing was, despite needing some seam repairs and darts put back in, it used to have black binding on the neckline, armhole and pockets. But the binding had faded, and seemed to dull the dress down a lot. So I changed it to a bright green to match the print. I'm much happier with it now. Green is my thing anyway
It had a decent hem, so I used fabric from there to make the belt. The outfit will be complete when I make a little bolero out of green fabric to match the buckle.
The photo is making my boobs look maaHOOsive, (which they are a bit), but hubby taking the pics doesn't help, as he will tend to put himself in such an angle that I just about have to peer over them to see him! Also though, I've been loosing a bit of weight (on purpose) and it has gone off my waist first, leaving me a bit top heavy. Some would say that it is a good problem to have.
Isn't it a great print?
New Shoes! I had been berating the fact that I sold a similar pair years ago, and missing them because they were so lightweight and went with everything. I had to remind myself that they were also a half size too small in reality.
Anyway, these are an excellent replacement, since they have all the features of the old pair, PLUS flowers on the front. I found by complete fluke has I *just happened* to walk through a sale in a department store (I seem to only go in those places for make up nowadays). 
 Here's my tricky pretend 50s short hair. I roll it up at the back using a rat and then pin curls around the edges. Everyone asked if I had cut my hair that day - RESULT!!
From the other side -  I tidied up that big curl after I saw the pictures. A few flowers distract from the roll at the bottom. The bonus is that the curls will hold until the next day since they are pinned in place.

Shona x


  1. That dress is amazing! I love the print on it! Also love your hair, I'm going to have to attempt something similar!

  2. You look ovely, but please, please, will everyone stop spelling lose/losing as loose/loosing...it's not!

    1. And the missing L is because my keyboard sticks, before anyone says anything!

    2. It's a blog, not an grammar police exam. Maybe Shona's 'O' key got stuck.

    3. Thanks for the grammar lessoon.

  3. Gorgeous as ever and your hair looks fabulous!xxxx

  4. What a fab revamp, especially the belt. It's going to look amazing with a little bolero!
    And you hair looks gorgeous in this style! xx

  5. You look so wonderfully pretty! Love everything about this look, especially the cluster of blooms in your beautiful hairstyle.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Friday,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Great outfit, and what a fantastic reworking of the dress!

  7. Love it! I have adopted a sewing machine from my grandma and i'm dying to try something out. Haven't done any sewing though since secondary school so a little bit scared of where to start!
    Lauren x

  8. You are looking so lovely, a what a fabulous print fabric too!

  9. I want you shoes and the dress

    looking great

  10. I just happened into your blog and LOVE your sense of style and fashion. Super print in dress. You are so clever to have made the changes to green binding and create the new belt. I also love the way you dressed your hair with the curls and beautiful flowers. Add the delightful shoes and it's a totally stunning outfit.

  11. Your dress is really cute. I love the print!


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