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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

How many Cinderella shoes is enough?

I had a different kind of get together with friends recently. We get together to be tended to by a vintage hairdresser, and as it was the last weekend in November, a bit early for too much tinsel. 
The time felt right for a tiny sprinkling of Christmas magic though so I made up an easy party theme:
"Dust off your Cinderella shoes"

By definition, a Cinderella shoe is one that you must get out of by midnight, which is when you cast them off to hobble home bare footed, and while not practical for everyday use, are very useful for hooking a prince.

Of course the blokes didn't really have any Cinderella shoes, but they arrived  looking stylish

It turned out to be a better theme than I thought it would, since I made sure everyone knew that the rest of the outfit didn't matter. Casual clothes on a blustery wintery day makes sense in London
The number of "arriving" shoes I have is quite extraordinary, though I didn't think so until some of the ladies gazed at the tree and asked "are they ALL yours?" 
But of course! In truth these are just my brightest ones on the tree, I have far more. But YOU guys knew that.
Having said that, I've bought most of them at car boot fairs, charity shops etc and since my classic vintage style doesn't change, some of these on the tree I've had for 10 or 15 years (it would have been longer if I'd stayed in one country), and some I only paid £2 for. Plus I think it is the easiest way of glamming or funking up any outfit as well as lifting your spirits.

How about you? Could you fill a tree with Fantasy Shoes?

Shona x


  1. Soooooooo many lovely shooooooooooooooes on that tree!

  2. I fear my tree would be ALL shoes....I'd love it, not sure hubby would so much, Hearing a number is not so bad as actually seeing that number! LOL!!

    Fab idea tho, love it!

  3. Oh, what an awesome idea! I love it! Why do pretty shoes seem to fit best when you try them on in the store for the first time? ;)

  4. I could most definitely do one tree for shoes and one tree for boots!

  5. I tend to buy sensible shoes. Can't bear having sore feet! But i do have a pair of high-heeled ankle boots that I can't wear, I really should send them to a charity shop.

  6. Oh, I love the way you decorated the tree to show them off. Hee! Great party theme. Those are what my friend calls "sitting down shoes". I admit I can't think of any I have off the top of my head, isn't that a bit sad! lol Though I have far more shoes in general than I care to think about. ;)

  7. Bliss!, love that tree and love the theme, that's an idea too good not to steal! :-)

  8. That one seriously cool, creative, whimsically fun tree! Marvelous ideas - I am tucking this away in the holiday inspiration pile for sure (thank you!).

    Merriest Christmas season wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Love it! I notice a few pairs of cowboy boots there as well. You know my love of cowboy boots! Jo x

  10. Ha ha, love this idea! What a great concept for a party - and a great way to show off those beautiful shoes! I have plenty I could break out in my wardrobe, hee hee!


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