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Sunday, 23 December 2012

How to make Bauble Hair

Hello! We are on the Christmas countdown now. Not long to go! I like Christmas. I think it is fun, but only once you've got ALL THE THINGS done. Up until then the stress is a bit pants. We've had a very laid back  season so far, but I've seen all types of bad manners due to stress on the high street. I'm staying out of it now until the sales hit.
I had so many ideas for Christmas themed outfits to wear to dances and to show you but a big ole lurgy hit me Friday afternoon so I've ended up staying in. Boo. It was my own fault - it happened when I thought to myself "ohh maybe I can spare a few days and just chill out". It is always when the respite comes that the bug arrives on your doorstep to stay eh?
Nevertheless, I have remade my Christmas Bauble ears from Disneyland into something less Mickey and more...err, Shoney. I thought you might like to make your own so here's what I did...

1. Hunted down rubber bands, hair clips and sorted the baubles into piles so that I didn't have two of one colour on a clip. I thought I would do 3 on a clip but that looked a bit limp, so it was groups of 5 and 4 in the end. BTW, that is my festive table cloth this year. Cool huh? I like it so much it will have to come back out at Easter.

2. Cut the rubber bands to end up with a "string" of rubber. I found this really easy to work with as the stretch makes it easy to tie the band tight enough so the baubles bunch up. Plus, they are free in the UK since the postman uses them all the time and walks them right to your door. Thread the rubber band through the clip.

3. Thread the balls onto the band too. At this stage I decided a green bow would be a nice finishing touch, as well as to fill in the gaps between the baubles. I tucked the ribbon in so that I could tie it neatly after the whole thing was secure. Tie the rubber tight using a reef knot, tie the bow using a bow.

4. This is how it looks so far. While the green ribbon adds a touch of class (as you know, I'm ALL about class. ha ha, wink, wink), it just needs something else. Cue curling ribbon applied with unabashed abandon.

5. The end result! I plan to nestle these among a fancy curled up-do, but we'll see what happens on Christmas Day and how I feel. At worst I can roll my hair up and let these do all the talking.

Sending you warm festive cheer

Shona x


  1. Hey this is great! I'm pretty sure anyone who follows this blog is going to be the most festive looking guest at Xmas wherever they go!

  2. Sooo cute! I love 'em! Merry Christmas!!!! xx

  3. How awesome do these look!! I love them! They're so me I might have to make some. Ha... Who'm I kidding it's soo... not going to happen this year, but definitely next year. Merry Christmas!

  4. These are soooo splendidly cute! Love them to bits (or should, I say to babbles!). Thank you very much for sharing, dear lady!

    Happiest holiday wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Super cute.....I really want to see them in though! x

  6. LOVE this idea! Anything that gives me reason to sport jewel tones is superb!
    I just found your blog and can't wait to see what else you have in store.
    L A
    Ravishing Ruby Vintage

  7. Oh, so cute! The blog-o-sphere is giving me an influx of gorgeous gift and festive accessory ideas. Stop! I cannot handle all of this gorgeous-ness (which is shamefully not even a word, but I'm frantic here!) Merry Christmas! :D



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