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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

When it is more cost effective to make your own ears

At Magic Kingdom in Florida it seemed to me every cool person had some kind of Mickey/Minnie mouse ears, or a goofy hat, or a WHOLE PRINCESS OUTFIT. (Me? Jealous much?). I investigated the cost of buying such a headpiece but at $17 for your standard ears to look like everyone else seemed a little dear. Even a nutter such as myself wouldn't find much use for them again until the next time I visited.
So I made my own.
The plan was to make two sets of "ears". A Minnie Mouse bow to be worn as above and a Christmas Bauble set of ears. These are the sorts of things I think about when waiting in queue to go on a ride! 
 I had already purchased felt squares (yes I spend time in craft centres while on holiday). I had a few twisty ties from the bread bags, a rubber band, my mini sewing kit (thanks Jenny), and a bit of ribbon from a chocolate box (yum). I stumbled over the mini baubles at Forever 21 (good for hair flowers in there) and picked up some of those snappy hair clips.
 Minnie's dots took the longest as I didn't have any glue so they needed to be stitched on, but still, quick enough.

Ta dah! Then I put my hair up in pigtails, backcombed them until I looked quite a fright and doubled the ends over. It's falling down a wee bit in this pic, but it lasted all day with a few tweaks
The Christmas themed ears were to wear on the official first Christmas party. Basically I just threaded the baubles onto two clips using a couple of twisty ties on one and a rubber band cut in half, then knotted, on the other. I was "Make Do and Creating" with what was on hand.
The ears had height because the baubles are strung together tightly, so they bunch up. I'm oddly proud of the fact that The Mad Hatter in the parade noticed them and gave me the thumbs up. It was a bit like a royal seal of approval!
 I think I'm going to do a similar thing but in smaller bunches all nestled in my hair for a Christmas dance.
Being on holiday in a hot place meant I didn't take too much real vintage. I didn't wish to be spending any of my holiday hand washing or ironing and so there are some old normal civilian t.shirts in my pics. I do apologise! In my defense I was prepared to leave these behind if I found good vintage bargains and had run out of space, which can happen in the vintage hunting mecca called the U.S.A (Universal Shop for Antiquities).
I leave you with the final pic of Sleeping Beauty's castle at midnight. Pretty huh?

Shona x


  1. You are SO clever! I loveee those little Christmas bauble ears, and definitely something that could be adapted for a Christmas head-piece at a dance event! :)

  2. This is genius! It's my office Christmas do tomorrow afternoon, I can already envisage a night spend with baubles, craft wire and determination...

    Porcelina xx

  3. So splendidly clever, creative, and cute! I like your charming versions so much more than the standard offerings.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Very cute and clever, love Minnie's felt bow and your little ears!

  5. So funny!!!! What a lucky gal to be in Florida now... here we had our first snow this week-end: http://lostin1950.blogspot.fr/2012/12/let-it-snow.html

    I remember beeing there about 10 years ago... I like to wear my vintage coton dresses for summer holidays, they are really comfy for hot weather.

  6. Awesome!
    I love the bauble ears :D

  7. These are great. Impressed with the making do on the go crafting!

  8. That is such a cute idea. I might even do this one day, next time I have the opportunity to dress in costume :D



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