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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Shoe Pimps are Us

A lot of you liked my festive shoe clips, but just because the festive fun is over doesn't mean we need to stop decorating ourselves. Sometimes it is essential just to get through these long last days of winter, or for those of you in the southern hemisphere (*waves hello at friends and family*), you can jazz up your plain summer sandals.

I trashed two ponytail elastics to get to the leopard print plastic bow. One came apart quite easily, the other broke and had to be glued back together - never mind though, it can't be seen in the final result.

The bow now needs a new centre part. The original plastic one would make the bow too high on the shoe clip, and possibly a bit wobbly too. Luckily I had some plain black grosgrain ribbon on hand. A colour like red or turquoise would work well too if you knew what you wanted to match it too. 

The trusty hot melt glue gun (how I love thee!) makes short work of attaching the ribbon. I glued it to the back of the bow, wrapped it around twice for a wee bit of padding, then glued the tail down at the back again. 

The shoe clip (I purchased mine on ebay) glues on easily too. Be careful to let them dry while open or you might end up with a clip glued shut. 

And Tah-dah! It's like having new shoes!

These last ones have got to be my favourite. These shoes have always needed something extra and now I know what.

How are your shoes? Could some of them do with some pimping?

Shona x

P.S for those of you who are in the southern hemisphere, we have a 15% discount code for you. Check out our Facebook page for details.


  1. :O They're stunning, I've often debated shoe clips as most of them I find online are glittery (and perhaps are too much for day to day). Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Such a clever idea and so easy! Also, I am in love with those green shoes in the second to last photo - they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE this!!!! They make SUCH difference!

  4. This is such a clever idea and they look fabulous. I think I will have to check out some hair ties and make some for myself.

  5. SO wonderfully chic and cute! I really like the multitude of spots you clipped these to, it's fun to see more variety beyond just the front. Thanks for sharing another fantastic tutorial and idea with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. This just kinda blew my mind... Amazing! I love your addition of the ribbon, really adds an extra, personal dimension. And, I had no idea you could buy shoe clips to make this!


  7. Cute idea! Shall put that in my winter evening crafting file.


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