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Thursday 19 February 2015

Fantasy Packing for THE fabulous Art Deco Weekend

It is that time of year when here in the UK we are fervently looking for signs of spring ("Come ON daffodils")... meanwhile, over in my homeland of NZ, the vintage community are sewing, packing and pressing to get themselves off to the Art Deco weekend in Napier.

This is the time of year when I wish I was at home. I've only been once to "Art Deco" as it is known. (I find it kind of neat to call it that, like it is both a place and a era of style. It's quite fitting since one does feel like a time traveller to go there). The last time I was there for the event was before we moved to the UK, and before I had a digital camera!

More recently  my Niece got married there. So here's a pic of my sister-in-law Ness and I doing the quintessential pose in the fountain.

The event is quite hard to dress for, especially if you want to be authentic. It is very very hot, there is lots of walking to do, there are LOTS of events to go to, some of which require different outfits, and of course you are dancing and sitting on the lawn. Not many of those things sit well with original vintage or being glamorous and comfy at the same time. You also really do need a sun hat if you want to get through the day without a headache from the heat and squinting. (I remember one friend packed 24 hats one year!)

So, what would be my fantasy Art Deco wardrobe? If I was going?

It would all be about BEACH PYJAMAS, big hats and a cover up for my shoulders

I like the idea of a long lightweight shawl that I can throw on when I need to hide from the sun, and a blouse would also do the trick, worn as a jacket

A strappy, nautical themed dress with a matching cover up
Patron Journal, May 1938

Necklaces made of seashells Marie Claire, June 1937

Flat shoes and a bag big enough for dance shoes and said shawl. Marie Claire, June 1937

Striped things. I love this long skirt to wear over shorts - who would have thought this was 1937 in France? But this was all inspiration though, not actual reality. The French ideas were often picked up and made overseas (USA in particular) and this meant Paris kept it's identity as a fashion leader, even if in reality they didn't have the resources to produce them at home. Note the visor! Marie Claire, June 1937

Aren't these wonderful seaside outfits? One with a very long sarong wrap and the other with a button through dress Les Jardin des Modes, June 1936

These ladies have it sorted - big hats, parasol, sleeveless jacket easy light weight jacket and flat shoes
Le Jardin des modes, July 1935

I'll be looking forward to next week when my friends will be posting pics. If you can't wait until then, check out The Dreamstress and her 2014 trip


  1. Love all these vintage adverts from the 30's. Thanks for sharing! Visited NZ in December- such a lovely country and people! Karen

  2. Such lovely outfits, I like the nautical dress. I first read about this event on The Dreamstress's blog, sounds like so much fun.

  3. This sounds like such a smashingly fabulous event! I hope you have a marvelous time!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I've had that event on my 'fantasy travel' list for years, it looks so lovely.

    Beach pyjamas are ace; I have a repro pair for loafing round the house in and I love them.


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