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Friday, 25 June 2010

Love yourself, Love others, Love vintage Challenge

A really neat challenge has come my way! I was tagged for the Challenge set by Brittany from Va-Voom Vintage.  It is the "Love yourself, Love others, Love vintage Challenge"  Ohh that is clever. Well done Brittany! I am all for a bit of support of each other, whether you are curvy or bean pole, youthful or...um... wise.  We all have something stunning to love.  

I got passed the gauntlet by Kiss Me Kate in the beginning of June and I have been slow to pass it forward since I was travelling just then, (did I tell you I have been to New York? tee hee). I am so thrilled, being still a bit new to blogland and still finding my "voice" and my feet, so it was just so sweet to be picked as a top five by someone. Kate liked my hair and my designs - *Blush* Thank you!
Here's Kate herself:

I gotta say Kate, you are one saucy lady - those eyes are smokin'!

So as to the rules, I need to choose 5 thinks I like about myself first, then 5 people in blogland that I have something to envy them for! Goody.
So the 5 things I like about myself. 

  1. My colouring. My red hair and green eye colour is unusual.  Sometimes the hair means I stand out when I might feel like hiding, but mostly I love it. It means I am always different and I have come to like that. I feel a bit special and I am easy to find in a crowd.
  2. My little waist and my big boobs (yes really!).  They stay in proportion even if I gain weight, so my shape stays an hourglass. It doesn't suit a 20s look, but it is knock out in 40s or 50s gear. My shape has also got ex-boyfriends off speeding tickets...but that is a story for another time...
  3. My cupids bow (that is the wee indent in the middle of your top lip). When I had braces the dentist told me it was the reason that people didn't notice them - wasn't that sweet of him?
  4. My back, knees, feet and joints in general.  I recognise now that my limbs are quite good at keeping me active. Dancing is my favourite thing in life and I am really glad my joints are playing ball with me.
  5. My eyelashes. They are long.  They are fair, so need mascara to be seen, but they can flutter with the best of them.
I have to say that now that I am 38 I like myself a WHOLE bunch more than I did at 28, yet I was firmer, fitter, bouncier...even..err... zestier then.  Why did I have all those wasted years? People write books on such things and quite rightly too, as it seems to be a modern (mostly feminine) condition that rocks the confidence of beautiful people all around the world.  Imagine the things we could achieve if we were not spending a heap of time thinking we are not worthy! Blah.

Ok, enough rant,  Here are my 5 envy worthy bloggettes. This was tough to choose as I have many that I follow just to see their pictures!
Solanah of Vixen Vintage: I adore her smile! She makes me feel happy and about her age (which is just few years off mine!  heh heh heh) And I just love, love, love it when she wears long socks and boots. Yes Solanah, you can brighten my day by just wearing socks.

Esme and the Lane way: This girl has got it all going on, eyes, brows, hair, legs, but if I choose one thing, it will have to be her jawline. Sounds odd but it is true.  Pure ENVY. (note, also a girl that can wear long socks, darn it)


And now for some eyes: check this pair out:

Jeepers Creepers, where did you get those Peepers! - Meet Melanie from  Pink Champagne for dancing.  She has great hair and a great smile and I always look forward to her outfit posts.

Ok gosh just two more... who will it be? I have many to choose from.

For hair evny, my choice is Andy B. Goode.  Andy you have the Lush-i-ness locks! Check out the cute dimple and deep brown eyes too.  Andy does vintage beautifully and with a lot of fun as well.

Afternoon Tea

Last but not least, this woman has got legs. She has quite a lot of them...  I know because I have to lengthen her trousers. Is it bad to be so jealous of your friends pins? I don't think so! She has everything else going on too, complexion, shape, brows, hair, cheekbones, long neck, slender anklebone... but...Fleur de Guerre - your legs are stunning! Grrrrr.... (I am allowed a little growl of envy here, she knows I adore her in truth).

There we have it, some beautiful ladies that I have been honoured to meet in Blogland.  There are many many more that I could have equally gushed about. You could tell me about your favourites in the comments, or take up Brittany's Challenge yourself.

A toast to lovely ladies around the globe!

Shona x


  1. You're too sweet! Thanks so much for the compliment! xoxo

  2. Shona,
    I am so happy I stumbled across your blog! I love your designs! I've recently purchased my first vintage pattern and can't wait to have a go at it!
    Take care,

  3. Thank-you so much. This is so lovely. =D Such a wonderful compliment, especially from a lovely (and talented) lady such as yourself. =]
    -Andi x
    PS Hopefully I get around to doing this but I always have a terrible time picking anyone out for this sort of thing. So if I don't, know it's only because I couldn't pick anyone because I like to pick everyone. ;]

  4. I saw this on Va Voom Vintage and I've been meaning to do it myself.

    It's so lovely reading yours as well, it sounds like you have the same sort of figure as me! When I put on weight often people don't notice as I still go in in the middle, which is nice!

  5. What an inspiringly stunning array of women!


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