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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shopping with Peter part one

Hey everyone!
As promised, I have heaps to catch you up on, and firstly I think you will want to know about Shopping with Peter in NY!  If you haven't met Peter already, you will find him over at Male Pattern Boldness(yep, that links to a blog about me! how chuffed am I?

Peter runs what must be just the most fun, most inspiring blog of the internet. And he will nag you about your sewing projects if you let him, which can be a good thing! He is teaching himself to sew using vintage patterns and  vintage sewing machines and sometimes fabric and notions he picks up second hand, so already we had a lot in common - fabrics, patterns, vintage fashion, and pre-loved stuff in general.  Peter had a wonderful warmth and humour about him and was easy to get along with so I was so pleased to have the chance to meet him! 

First off he took me thrift shopping which turned up some lovely hair flowers and a cardy for me, but the highlight was VINTAGE shopping at a place near heaven called "The Showplace".  (Peter covers off some of our tour in his blog post, linked to above also.)

When I say shopping, we didn't make actually make any purchases. The owners were all lovely though and ok for us to take photos to show you all.

First off we found Joe Sundlies Vintedge on the groundfloor. Joe himself was lovely, but didn't want a photo, so I had to content myself with his sign and the yummy hatboxes. It looks like there might be treasure up there don't you think?

He had fantastic vintage stage costume headdresses - if any of you burlesque girls need a costume get there!

Next we trooped in anticipation upstairs to find Marlene Wetherall (actually we met her sister). We were both entranced by the displays, with stock spanning decades, they did very well in showcasing like items together:

Next was Vintage Lingerie run by Illisa.  How do you like her shop "sign"?

The shop was choc full of silks and satins, beaded cardigans and all things ultra feminine. (Peter coped very well).  Had money been more on my side I would have purchased a few of these beauties.

Well, they would have fitted into my hand luggage and most of them were unused.  I could just picture them prettying up a cardy or dress, or an evening jacket, or on a hairband even. I was all lit up with the choices and in the end could not choose just one. It was like being in a candy shop!  


She had many many pairs of slippers. Apparently they are popular with brides for their wedding day (or night!)
I lusted after this crocheted sachet.  It had long ago lost its scent, but not its charm:

Some lucky lady might have been given this as a gift.  Do you think it is sad she never used it, or do you think it is marvellous that she kept it pristine for us? Old things always make me wonder about the previous owner...was it not her style, or was it too precious to be out of its box?

What really took the cake though was this, a garter with a POCKET! I am guessing it is from the 20s, 30s or even earlier (the brown lace makes me think it might be Victorian). Any ideas fellow readers? We took guesses at what it might have held, as the pocket is small.  It is too small for a key or a comb.  A small lipstick or pot of rouge? Tobacco? Smelling salts? Some coins? Ohh it beckons the imagination to think what a girl might tuck into her garter in those days!  Please someone, go buy it and give it a good home!

Next Peter and I hit the fabric and trimming shops, so stay tuned!

Shona x


  1. OMG, I'm exhausted reading all this -- and I was THERE!

  2. What a fabulous adventure! Those vintage silk slips are divine! xxx

  3. Wow, looks like you had so much fun! I do believe that the pocket on the garter is for a Sixpence, as you traditionally give one to a Bride and it brings her good luck. You can buy lots of Bride-esque gifts with small pouches for Sixpences.xxx

  4. Me again! The poem originally goes

    Something old, something new
    Something borrowed, something blue
    And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

    But obviously people began to realise that a Sixpence in your shoe can be quite uncomfortable and started sewing pockets in more 'comfortable' places!

  5. Hey Jeni - thanks for that, gosh, saves me lots of worrying trying to figure that out!
    Yip Peter, and that is just HALF of it!

  6. Wow, how amazing are those headdresses! Looks like you had a fun time!


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