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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Shake it to make it

Hello lovely people

Firstly, let me apologise for being a slack blogger.  Actually, I never like reading the apologies from blogland, as I tend to be impatient to read real content, being a..."get to the good stuff why don't you?" .. type of gal.  However, I know I have been more quiet than I would like to be so I do apologise for long silences.

This time of year is particularly tiring as we come to the end of a long string of events. Goodwood Revival  last weekend was the last outdoor show and for that I am glad, as it is getting just a bit nippy for camping.  I am however, proficient at wriggling into two sleeping bags.  Ha ha!  It is like Houdini in reverse.
pic from here

But that is not all that is taking up valuable energy as Mr Wolf's family and one of my manufacturers is based in Christchuch, New Zealand, where they have been shaking it all about for a bit too long now.  I do have to say, NZ'ers are kind of used to earthquakes, a bit like Londoners are used to slow tubes, and Australians are used to...um...living with scarey spiders/crocodiles/jellyfish/snakes that could KILL you. Never-the-less, it has been earthquakes on a big, frightening scale, and a lot more than something to chit chat about over your morning cuppa

Thankfully, as far as I am aware, no one has been killed by the large earthquakes they have had and that is due to the exceptionally clever NZ Building code. Well done building code!

I thought you might be interested in the fact that the NZ Building code is very good because it was developed after the Napier earthquake of 1931. Napier was a gorgeous, sunny coastal resort in the North Island, and in 1931 it was pretty much flattened by a massive quake.

image source here.
Emerson Street after the Napier earthquake
images sourced here

256 people did loose their lives and families were homeless. From the wreckage, architects and engineers could work out why some buildings (or parts of buildings) remained, and why some fell instantly. Hence our strict building code. Our dwellings are now designed to wiggle and twist, and, if they need to fail, they will do so in a way not to crush the inhabitants.
Chubby wiggling and twisting, source here

Just like London after the blitz, the little town re-built itself in the fashion of the time, and Napier is now Art deco central.
Spirit of Napier fountain, source: here
Masonic Hotel, source here

Art Deco Napier
Rothmans Building, source here
Ellison and Duncan building, source here.

Delightful eh?
If you ever fancy a visit, Napier now has two Art Deco weekends a year, run by the Art Deco Trust.

Napier had a happy ending after a ghastly 10 days of shakes.  Poor Christchurch is now going through something akin to working the hula hoop after knocking back a bottle of bubbles while on a boat, without the hoop or the boat or the fizz. Not too much fun.  Just keep going guys. All fingers crossed it will be over soon.

Shona x


  1. Good post Shona, They were saying on the news the other night that since the 7.2 shake that canturbury has experienced over 639 aftershocks, its understandable that everyone is on edge and in need of a cuddle.

    XX Rosina Lee

  2. Thanks Rosina. That is a lot of shocks, we are not hearing much about it here in London which is odd, possibly because of the lack of deaths. This article is interesting: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/geoffreylean/100052404/mammon-more-than-god-caused-the-christchurch-earthquake-miracle/

  3. That looks like a stunning place to visit, sad that some of it might have got damaged, thankful that no deaths have occurred.

    See you at the weekend!

  4. Hello from quake-central! It wasn't just the building codes that saved us, it was the time of day - 4.35 am. If people had been at work, out shopping etc, the collapsed buildings (mostly old shops with brick facades) would have fallen on people. What breaks my heart is the pockets of character shops dotted around the suburbs (my suburb, St Albans) that have survived the developers and given people nice places to shop outside of the horrible malls have been reduced to rubble. I dread to think what will be put up in their place.

  5. It was terrible watching this on the news ,i felt so bad for everyone over there.Lots of hugs & good thoughts & prayers to our neighbours across the way.

  6. Very interesting! And gorgeous pictures. I agree with Mrs Cleaver.
    -Andi x
    PS Thankfully I've not had much (or any) experience with poisonous snakes or spiders and crocodiles ;]


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