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Thursday, 3 February 2011

6 years and counting

Hello vintage lovers.
heh heh - "Vintage lovers" takes on an extra today meaning because Mr Wolf and I are taking ourselves off on a wee jolly this weekend to the Isle of Wight, just because we got married 6 years ago! (It seems both longer ago and just last week at the same time)
Actually, last weekend was our real anniversary, but since we were in a cold cow shed at Stoneleigh, romance felt some distance away (ie, buried under thermals, scarves, woolly socks and thick coats!)
Our wedding was vintage themed, of course, and there is a bit of a story about my dress.  Wanna hear it? ...Oh, ok then...
Mr Wolf proposed (without a ring I might add, gambling with fire there I think) when we first got to the UK.  He was still looking for work and I had just started a contract, so we didn't have much dosh. 2 weeks later I headed to my first ever vintage clothing fair with two friends from NZ. I was warned (complete with a stern look) not to spend much, worried as he was about money. Ok I said, sure, unaware as I was of the temptations that awaited me.
Well, I got through the whole day with the girls without spending a penny...until we were about to leave and THERE WAS THE DRESS! I only had the girls opinion of it, since there was no mirror to hand, and I didn't fit it, quite, but we could see the potential.  So I went and drew out £60 and bought it.
Now, Mr Wolf HAPPENED to be mucking about with accounts that afternoon and he SAW me take money out while he was on internet banking. Oh oh
When I got home, I quickly squirrelled the dress away in a cupboard, then got the third degree:
Wolf: "So what did you buy?"
Me: (thinking I had got away with it) "Nothing"
Wolf: "No, I mean, What did you buy?" (with a bit more intensity)
Me: (realising he knew, somehow and a bit spooked) "I can't tell you"
Wolf: "What do you mean?"
Me: "I mean I can't SHOW you". (with a bit of a look of warning thrown in for good measure)
Wolf: (after a moments pause and disbelief) "What a WEDDING dress?"
Me: (Smug as a kitten in a knitting bag) "yip" Then I put the £15 change in the kitchen tin.
Well he was floored and VERY happy. I think he realised he was marrying the right girl at that very moment. Indeed, my shoes cost £6 from Ebay and I made my own frilly knickers. Cheap as chips me! The petticoat was the most expensive item, needing to have enough netting to hold the heavy satin out (I didn't want a hoop). It can actually stand up on its own!
This is the only pic I have on my laptop so that will have to suffice for now, since we are already on the road.

I do hope you have a good weekend, and if you are not spending it with a special someone, that you can do something nice for yourself anyway.


  1. oh Shona how lovely you look!!! That dress only cost £60? No hang on £45?!!! Wow bargain.

    How sweet 6 years eh? Says the old married lady here, 18 years this year - I got married at 6 you know ;o)

  2. Awwh... You look so lovely, Shona! Hope you enjoy your weekend :)

  3. goooooooooooorgeous dress and what an awesome story! god i love a bargain. i love that look they get on their faces when they realize the gal they love knows how to shop.

  4. Only 45 smackers? You bargain hunter you! Happy anniversary to you both x

  5. You look gorgeous! And what a bargain for a wedding dress!

    Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  6. Congrats! That is a fabulous dress! And what a bargain! I certainly spent more than that on mine!

  7. That is a gorgeous dress! I love the halter neck and that satin looks positivly pet-able! =)

  8. You look gorgeous, it was meant for you obviously! I love the frilly knicker fact lol.

  9. Happy Anniversary! That dress is a dream and you look stunning...what a bargain! enjoy your trip.xxx

  10. Happy Anniversary lovely lady!

    You look stunning

    Enjoy your trip x

  11. Thank you for sharing that wonderful photo, you look absolutely radiant. xxx

  12. Oh you looked so beautiful! Bizarre that we both posted wedding pics on the same day. My wedding was a cheap one too - they're always the best kind.

    Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a lovely and romantic trip xx

  13. What a brillo photo lovely!! xxx

  14. WOW!!!Great dress...great story!


  15. Happy anniversary! You look divine =D Thanks for sharing the picture and the story!
    -Andi x

  16. Congratulations! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! And you look INCREDIBLE. i can't believe the dress was such a bargain, wow!


  17. You look so lovely in the dress and so happy. What a wonderful bargain, thank you for sharing you lovely story.
    Mr Wolf and you must be doing something right, six years and counting, have a lovely anniversary.

  18. Dylan says "Shona looks a bit too pretty!" Mom and Dad agree.

  19. Very pretty and such a sweet story. Happy Anniversary.

  20. What a sweet story - and a gorgeous dress! Happy Anniversary to you!

  21. Awww Shucks, Thanks for all your lovely comments.

  22. Lovely dress! Such a stylish wedding! I'm a total wedding addict, I love a good wedding story.

  23. What a lovely story! You guys make a great couple!

  24. your works are wonderful,i also sew historical reproductions,i'd love you to stop by and tell me what you think when you have the time!

  25. you two look so happy and amazing together i love what your both wearing i hope you have many more happy years xxxxx


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