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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lovely things found at Stoneleigh

Hi lovelies
Last weekend Mr Wolf and I went to the Militaria Event in Stoneleigh - basically a huge swop meet for the re-enactors in the UK.  You can get anything military there - Jeeps, boots, uniforms, equipment, guns (not working ones) absolutely anything... so long as it is khaki!  
I jest, but in truth, the UK has a thriving military re-enactment scene and the knowledge that is held within is truly phenomenal. Individuals and groups will research regiments and battles and know exactly the patch that is required to complete a uniform and can spot a fake at 50 paces. At other events they stage historically correct  battles, but this one is just to search for that elusive missing button/jeep part/size 11 desert boots.
Some gentle souls may find it disturbing, and think this glorifies war and all that goes with it.  In actual fact it is the opposite. Many there are ex-military and while they recreate the historical details, a healthy dose of respect for what it was really like is part of the whole experience. The re-enactments do remind us why we don't want to go there again.
So, anyway... me, at the risk of now sounding fickle, and being not really a khaki kind of girl (in that it suits me but not my personality)...well I... staked out the few stalls I was interested in, and I managed to get some very pretty things and here they are! 
Gorgeous 30s buttons - I think I have the exact match in a wool fabric
20s/30s Celluloid broach - so lucky to find these in one piece
30s buckle ON A CARD! ohh I love that almost more than the buckle itself! It will take me a year to decide to separate them, if I ever do

And no shopping trip would be complete with out a new pattern to lust over. 

And I picked up the tablecloth these are on too - so pretty and only £2!

I also had a look at Rocket Originals new Mitzi Shoes - Nice!

If you are interested in the re-enacting scene, I suggest you come along to the War and Peace show in July, or check out the World War II Re-enacting magazine (sold at some WH Smiths and here).  WWII would be the most prevalent, but other wars and battles are covered in what is know as "Multi Period Living History" events - just in case you need to know.
Over and out!


  1. Oh my! I need those shoes for sure! I like the twin set pattern and the great 30s finds, too. :)

  2. FLAT SHOES!!! Yay! ;-)

  3. Excellent finds Shona! I love the buttons and the buckle on the card is lovely.xx

  4. Love those buttons and the buckle! And how I need some Mitzi shoes!

  5. If you are ever up north, the Haworth 40s festival is pretty good one too :)
    Love the first set of green buttons by the way!

  6. Luuuurve those buttons. They can make such a difference to a plain dress, I need (yes, need) to start collecting) x

  7. Hello there

    What amazing finds, you lucky thing! I bought a lovely Olivia blouse from your ebay shop yesterday - I can't wait to get it!


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