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Monday, 24 January 2011

Talented ladies of the vintage world part 1

Happy Monday morning my lovely blog followers.  
I have been meaning for some time to introduce you to some talented ladies that I have met in my travels in the vintage world. These are entrepreneurial business women and clever, artistic craftspersons. It is these type of girls who make my world go around because they are so inspiring and capable, with a streak of daredevil in them to be making their money alternatively. I will spread them out in a small series of posts because they each deserve some individual attention.

The first is Fiona Stephenson. She paints the most stunningly gorgeous ladies who all have good reason to show their suspenders in the most delightful way. 
large image

She creates Gil Elvgren reproductions in oil on canvas as well as her own original prints. The prints are very reasonable at £22 for an A2 size and £12 for an A3. (I have 3 of  them that I am about to get framed.) Or, if you can splash out, the oil paintings are £998 and if you really can go for it, she does take individual commissions too.
The pic above is a reproduction, and this pic below is Fiona's own work. She really captures Elvgren's cheeky women exceptionally well and I do love the themes she dreams up.
large image
I have these two above and below.  I think the rocket girl is my fave, I would look as apprehensive (if not as slim and stunning) if I were her!
large image
If you are looking for some Monday morning coffee-time browsing then pay her website a visit here. Do bear in mind that they are all limited edition so don't wait about if something takes your fancy.  In browsing the gallery I found I have missed some gorgeous prints so I am watching eagerly to see what else she produces next.
Well done Fiona you clever lady you!


  1. Wow what a very talented lady!They are just fantastic aren't they? I like the last one best:)

  2. They are FANTASTIC! Thanks for the intro x

  3. Ooh, these are great. Thanks for sharing!
    -Andi x

  4. Ha! The Rocket Girl is definitely my favorite too! I've always loved the Elvgren prints. Maybe the Stephenson prints will become just as collectible years from now. She certainly is a talented woman!
    - Susan

  5. Just found your blog, it's amazing :)


  6. I love the pin up girl pics! So great


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