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Friday, 24 February 2012

Beaded Bag and other stuff

Hey lovelies!
Wanna see some recent purchases? These are from the Hammersmith Vintage Fair last Sunday?
Oh, Ok then...
First up, I fell head over heels with this stunning beaded bag. I have never fallen in love with one of this type until I saw this one. It has something to do with the large scale roses I think. It will make a perfectly handy evening bag as it is big enough to include phone, purse and patch-up-make-up and it can hang from one's wrist without being bothersome. Others of this type are more petite, but sometimes you just need to take more stuff.
If this has got you inspired, I happen to know that Penny Dreadful is frantically listing a history lesson worth of beaded bags in her shop right now.
And then we have a gorgeous glass belt buckle with daisies on, circa 1930s. I have a feeling this could inspire a complete outfit, plus hat. Ohh! Hang on... No wait... I already have the perfect hat for this!
Surprise Surprise!
We also have MORE buttons on a card (a girl can never have enough buttons) and a 80s orange, gold and white broach. I intend to pretend it is 30s deco and I can just see it on a smart summer jacket lapel.
If that wasn't enough, I also found a reverse carved ring!! It only fits my pinky finger, but I like it there. 

Now, sneak preview shop information alert... That leopard print fabric that I have used as a backing is the fabric that I'm using in a new Mary dress. It is looking lush girls...stay tuned for more!

Shona x


  1. oooooh I LOVE the buttons! In fact lots of lovely stuff.

    A leopard Mary dress count me in!!!

  2. oh, lovely finds! Those buttons and belt buckle are absolutely gorgeous. I love antique beaded bags. I have one that's extremely old and falling apart. My grandma found it in an auction for $1! It has the prettiest design and a gold clasp. She put it in a frame for me so I can admire it while I sit at my vanity :)

  3. Oooh lovely stuff! I tried to get into the Hammersmith fair because the last time I went I filled out a form for free entry next time, but I never received anything and they wouldn't let me in without paying! Grr.

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  4. Give. Me. Those. BUTTONS!!!!!! What a TROVE!

  5. such treasures, the bag is surperb. I'm also very much admiring the rings on your ring finger as well as the carved one. such beautiful rings!


  6. Everything is gorgeous but you distracted me with the thoughts of a Mary dress + leopard print!! I can't wait to see the outcome. Eep.
    -Andi x

  7. Hey darling, i love your purchases...everything is lovely.
    You're very sweet =)

  8. Lovely, I have a thing about those bags, but the ones I have are the tapsetry floral ones. Boy, do I miss having any of these places to root around in now.


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