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Thursday 9 February 2012

Too late for Christmas

I promised you more pictures of that sneaky hose in the back of the shoot, and here they are. I've been wearing this outfit quite a bit recently and while I had a hubby who was bored enough to take photos I thought we would show it to you
This lovely 2 piece knitted number has been a fave since it arrived, like the snow, too late for Christmas. It has a very slight A-line skirt which is just a bit easier on the thigh and tummy than a straight one.
The brooches are both from Acorn and Will and I couldn't resist wearing one of each colour with my outfit - its quite fun that way don't you think? They are so cheap you can afford to let your whims rule you!

The shoes are a fab find from my sister-in-law. She's good to me! 
Have a good Friday

Shona x


  1. Yet another gorgeous outfit that I want in my life, the colour really suits you too x

  2. The colour looks just incredible on you! And I really wouldn't have noticed the hose if you hadn't pointed it out (even when you did I had to go back and check...!) x

  3. Such a great outfit! I love the coraly-red.

  4. Lovely outfit,I really adore that shade.

  5. Great colour on you! And such a lovely hat too! x

  6. I can attest to you looking fabulous in this in real life too, but I love the photo :o)

  7. so so gorgeous! I love the colour coordination with the red/white swallows on the jumper and beret! And the knitted number is awesome. I have been hankering after just that kind of set for ages! Lucky girl! Lina x

  8. Oh wow! This is gorgeous. And that colour is to die for. You look fantastic.
    -Andi x

  9. The colour is lovely, it really suits you X

  10. I love this outfit. Great colour, amazing hat!


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