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Monday, 16 April 2012

Oranges and Lemons

How was your weekend?  I had a real mix, some work, a girly lunch, some more work, some tidying and wardrobe sorting.
The weather wasn't great but we did manage a stroll in the sunshine. 
I was in a novelty print and novelty bag frame of mind
 My super cool basket bag. Last seen here
The coin is dated 1962. I figure that was the year it was made, but maybe also it is a reference that it is meant to be good luck to include a coin when you give a bag, wallet or purse to someone, meaning that it will always have money in it. 
 Hazel Cannon was a lucky lady. Do you like having some knowledge of who the previous owner was?
I do.  I hope she got to travel to all the places that the bag inspired her to go to.
 My rather fave Oranges and Lemons print. 

Gosh! Oh No!! Unstyled hair!!  
Well I don't mind if you don't

Shona x


  1. I've heard of the money in a purse thing for good luck if you give it as a gift. How sweet to have a signed purse. I love the whole outfit, and that fruity print is awesome!

  2. Super cute outfit! I love knowing something about the person who previously owned clothing and whatnot. It's so sweet that the bag had that in there.


  3. Very cute outfit. I really like the print on the fabric.

  4. Absolutely lovely, Shona. The print is so sweet and the bag is fantastic. xxx

  5. UNstyled hair???? GET THEE TO A NUNNERY!!!! ha ha ha xx

    Sooo envious of that print. It rocks!

  6. Holy cow, could that purse be anymore ridiculously cute?! I dunno, it's got stiff competition with that skirt! Love the outfit, thanks for sharing!

  7. You probably already know this, but I had to share just in case! That's a Caro-Nan bag, and they can sell for as high as $100 depending on the condition. :D These bags were sold in high end boutiques during the 60's & 70's. It's hard to find information on Caro-Nan online..but the bags I've seen are often hand-signed on the inside..much like yours..:D A fantastic find--and considering the pristine condition, a STEAL for $6!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. PS - They're almost always a themed basket purse with a decoupage lid..the penny is such a cute addition, I think. :D

  9. I just adore things that used to belong to others, it makes them feel so much more special. I especially love engraved vintage jewellery.

  10. You look super, whether your hair is styled or not. How nice to know the name of the original owner of your bag. I hope she DID get to live her dreams.

  11. I hadn't even noticed the hair until you pointed it out. I love your dress very much.

  12. Love the skirt print, and it's wonderful when something about the original owner turns up. Inscriptions in books or whatever it may be.

  13. I love the print on that skirt. :)

  14. This outfit positively abounds with cheerful, summery cuteness and citrusy beauty! What a stellar skirt!

    Wishing you a fantastic Friday,

  15. What a darling bag! It's so unique!

  16. That skirt! Oh my!! I just love it! I'm a sucker for anything with oranges on it.


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