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Friday, 4 May 2012

Did you think the Jukebox fair is just jukeboxes?

Hello there!

Where did the time go? I'm sure I left you alone for only a week, but now that I look, it was actually two! I am very sorry. Things have been a bit rushed here at Heyday Headquarters, but I have missed you!

Last weekend we were stalling out at the Brighton Jukebox and Retro show. It is SOOO much more than just jukeboxes - it is a great day out with lots of good shopping to be had. We have done it for years and I actually think I could say that this year was the best in terms of delicious stalls and delightful customers. I don't generally see the band, being stuck to the stall (or...um... shopping and chatting to friends...) so you can see a more complete review over at Incendiary Blonde's blog.
Here is Mel, Incendiary Blonde herself in the moment that we finally met...

(I'm in a Fleur dress and Rocket Original shoes. I do believe Mel is wearing Freddies of Pinewood jeans and Remix shoes... and the BEST necklace EVER)

It is only the second show of the year, so often things need sorting out on the stall, for instance, we debate over which way around is better to hang the men's trousers. Er, yes, that would be MY way thanks!
My Mr Heyday, AKA The Wolf doing his bit with those annoying clippy hangers
We had a drop in by Vicky - the Manager at What Katie Did's Portabello Road Boutique. She was in Brighton anyway and was so happy there was a shopping trip to be had. She came in to check her size in our latest Ladies Gabs. She even surprised herself when she fell IN LOVE with the Harlequin one because she thought she would just want the less colourful, yet more blingy "Evening Jacket". 
While we are there we stay with our friends Jan and Mike Brown who run Home Sweet Homestyle. They are lovely friends and Jan has a massive historical knowledge of jewellery, lamps, scarves and hollywood leading actors. 
Mostly though, we ohh and ahhh over buttons when we are together. 

Thank you Brighton Jukebox and Retro Fair for having us again

Shona x

P.S: We need to do a minor upgrade to the back end of our website tomorrow, so it will be down for a couple of hours tomorrow (Saturday) Morning 

P.P.S: Sorry the photos aren't so great, I only took my little camera, which is more convenient but less able in the fluorescent lighting


  1. I can't believe I made it to your blog - I feel like such a celebrity! Teeheheheh! You are spot on about what I was wearing (and I also love that necklace)...now I just need to get some Heyday trousers! xxx

  2. I must have that gab jacket!! <3

  3. Love everybody's outfits. Great accessorising!

  4. that harlequin jacket is AMAZING........I want one!!!!!

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