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Thursday, 17 May 2012

10 ways to boost your pin-up star rating

Well guys, I'm here suffering from the dreaded Hemsby Flu - the bug that everyone comes back with from the Hemsby Rock'n'Roll festival. Ohh it is a kicker! But I'm feeling rather cheered by the photos of the Hemsby Pin-up Competition

The event is in it's 3rd year now, and since the emphasis is on having fun and appreciating yourself for who you are - there was an array of ages and sizes competing this year. As with anything where you are on stage, it is those that looked the most confident and who seemed to be having a blast up there that stole the limelight.

Here are some pics. Even though I took my fancy camera, the lighting made it quite tricky. I don't have all the names of the contestants either, so I'll add them as I find out!

The eventual winner in her beach wear. She looks like she'd be great fun at the beach!

Excellent parasol skills

Our mature entry, she really boogied up there

Cheeky action while waiting for the judges to agree


Don't they all look great? I wish I had got better pics but there will be more coming up over at the Hemsby Pin-up Facebook page 

Getting up on stage can be tricky. I've done it a lot as a dancer, and when I'm teaching, so I'm observant at what seems to work and what doesn't. As a person who gets to see a lot of models both for still photography and like this, on stage, this is my top 10 ways to boost your pin up star rating...

  1. Practise your poses and know what angle they work from. Are you best side on or front on? 
  2. Work out the details - pointed toes or flexed? Head tilted?
  3. Hold your poses - you can say in one spot for quite a few seconds, your audience won't get bored and you can then think about the next one
  4. The changes between the poses can be little, not big. Shrug your shoulder, cheeky smile, a wink. It is easier to focus on you when you are not dashing about (and it gives the photographers a chance to catch up)
  5. Move slowly to the next pose. Make the transition as gorgeous as the next pose.  You'll need less poses if you make some meat out of the transitions. 
  6. Get really competent with any props you are using, you are better without it if it is going to be troublesome
  7. Look confident by keeping your head up and smiling
  8. Have fun, no matter what you are wearing
  9. Wear GREAT shoes. It'll help you walk tall
  10. Strut - as much as you dare! Small movements are lost on stage so give it 110% not just 100%
Shona x


  1. What a fun post! Feel better :).

  2. Hi Shona
    Hope you're feeling better soon! The girl in the second picture with the parasol is my friend Dani-Clare
    Looks like everyone had a fab time at Hemsby, wish I could of been there! x

  3. Fabulous tips, sweet Shona. Such a fun image filled post, thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a stellar weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. The first picture is of 'Goldy Loxx' aka Anna Dobbie. x


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