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Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Very Vintage Wedding

At the beginning of June we were honoured to be invited to Kitten and Richard's wedding. Kitten, a very authentically vintage burlesque dancer is one of my models and her and Richard have become firm friends.
Her wedding was wonderful. I was more excited than her I think, having worked myself up into a bit of a frenzy of excitement by the time I got to the vintage buses that were to take us to the venue.
Myself and Lisa from Candee Photography get our pin up poses on. I'm channeling one of Kitten's iconic poses to mark the occasion... the hand to the shoulder pose. She does it better.
 Mr Wolf and I. You can see the frenzy in this one. Oh yes. And I made them have a sing song on the bus. (by the evening I had completely worn myself out)
Kittens amazing dress and ensemble. She looks a fraction pensive in this shot, but she isn't, it is just that her veil is getting hooked to her eyelashes!
The four lovely bridesmaids. They are all wearing our Mary Dress in the latest colour, which we let Kitten pick. I'll have them up for sale shortly
The actual ceremony was held on a carriage at the Avon Valley Steam Railway. Kitten had masterminded every detail and the decorations were just lovely. Everyone came along in vintage attire - the military chap standing was one of the days photographers
Newly weds, Mr and Mrs von Mew.

The steam train was a wonderful backdrop for group shots. Here's Kitten and her parents. I personally made the Mother of the Bride dress from fabric that Kitten had chosen. I don't get on the machine much for anyone anymore, but this was my contribution to the wedding. It's good to use your craft for special occasions!
The reception was held in a marquee set up on the ground of the station and once in there, we marveled at all the details that Kitten had arranged. She had a few overlapping themes - Sailors and Kittens and Love and Vintage, which all wrapped together became like a wonderland story for me as I skipped about inspecting everything. She really outdid herself, here are some of bits of magic...

A cool photo screen, with Lisa and Jacob. And still more special treats...

I had carried Kitten's stole during the day, and when the blokes took their hats off I was inspired to make a womble with my gloves and a toy train carriage. Thank goodness for iphones and wikipedia as we had to settle the debate of which womble it was. We agreed that it was Tomsk but I still secretly think it is Tobermory.
My 40s shoes had their first outing
The photo screen was popular. Don't they look happy?
The bridesmaid shoes and bag. Kitten really did think of everything, and quite rightly dressed the bridesmaids with slightly different accessories. Unlike today, most bridesmaids would have worn accessories that they had that kind of matched, rather than a full new identical ensemble.
Kate of Donovans Darlings being mischievous
The First Dance came all too soon it seemed, as the whole day had been such a delight. Here you can just see the "Do" on Kitten's right sole. She of course had "I" on the other, though there was some funny jokes about how she had stepped in some do!

If you want to see more pictures by Candee, and more of the story of how she put the wedding together, pop on over to Kitten's lovely blog.

Shona x


  1. That must've been a great day for all of you.
    A dream wedding I daresay!

  2. What a completely beautiful day! I adore weddings and hope that their marriage is built in the vintage traditions of actually staying together! Yay! (Am sure it will!)
    Your Mary dresses look stunning as Bridesmaids dresses- I bet you've inspired a few brides with this post. My own wedding was 18 years ago- what a joy and a privilege to be a treasured Mrs.! xXx

  3. One of the loveliest weddings I've ever seen!

  4. This just looks like so much fun! Lovely pictures!

  5. Oh so lovely! I love the vintage wedding. Oh how fun that would be to dress up in vintage clothes and attend the wedding. Adorable!!!! :) Lovely bride. :) Lovely couple.

  6. That really is one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. Thank you very, very much for sharing the happy couple's amazing day with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Lovely wedding photos! Your hat's amazing, love it!

  8. Thank you sooooo much for this beautiful post. It was great to see some new photos of the big day!

    Your dresses looked so gorgeous on my bridesmaids and complimented each or their shapes perfectly, bringing out their best bits!

    Much love

    MRS Kitten von Mew ;)

  9. Such a beautiful day. Everyone looks like they're having a great time. (And I *love* your hat!)

  10. Oh it ALL looks lovely!!! I love the picture frame idea! :)

  11. Oh her dress is so beautiful! And unique! I've never seen anything like it before. Looks like you all had a lovely time!


  12. http://thisismyvintagelife.blogspot.com/

    what a beautiful wedding i love who everyone looks like they stepped out of the 40's. very pretty!!

  13. Oh wow, that has got to be the best vintage wedding I've ever seen!! Congratulations on the newly-weds, they look so happy and excited on their wonderful day:)). I love the photo screen, the bridesmaid frocks and M.O.B.'s frock is sensational - what a great job you did! You got the hand-to-shoulder pose spot on and you and the mister look utterly glorious!!! xoxo

  14. Such an amazing wedding!!!! I would say a perfet 40's style ENGLISH wedding! All details are... oh, gosh!!!! LOVELY!!! Congrats to the new weds!


  15. Wow! This wedding was all sorts of fabulous!!! Love your outfit and all of the dresses you made for it!

  16. What a fantastic wedding, and such attention to detail, Makes such a lovely change to the conventional modern, manufactured wedding. I dont even know the bride and i found myself Beaming whilst reading just feeling really pleased for her!

  17. Fantastic blog. Love reading about my favourite subject. Just started my own site on Mother of the bride outfits, so always looking for inspiration

  18. These photographs are truly fabulous. Those wedding photographs are really sweet. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post. We attended a vintage wedding at one of local venues in NYC. It was a family event so we truly had a fun time there.


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