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Friday, 7 February 2014

Burlesque on Ice - First EVER!

The other night, Hubby and I headed to see Burlesque on Ice. It is the first time ever that Burlesque has been performed on ice (well, maybe it has, but not in public eh?).  A bendy friend of mine, Ruby Deshabille, is in it. That is her on the right with her foot dangling off the stage.

(You'll have to excuse my phone pics - it was dark in there and they moved fast!)
The question was in the air - how will they take their stockings off with boots on? Ha ha - well, you better get yourselves along quickly to find out as the show is only on until Saturday.

The girls have all had to actually learn to skate, so that is pretty impressive as it seems to have happened very fast. With a bit of luck, this show will go on and get bigger, so do get along if you can so you can say you saw it at the very beginning!

The show was good - fun, funny, gorgeous, professional, and fluid, with some excellent singing and presenting bJoe Morose. Here he is with Ruby.

The "ice rink" was a bit of a surprise as is really little - much smaller than we thought it would be, so we were impressed with what they managed to do without much run up - as it were. Jumps and twirls and what not.... and then they had to land, before they...you know, ran out of ice!

Here is a bit more on it (with better pics) here and here

We got there a bit early and had a quick drink at the Dining Rooms next door - they do pre-theatre meals in case you need a feed.

And finally, to wind up, one of my favourite performers of the night: This lady kitty Glorian Gray. She was really fun and exuberant, and always up to mischief!

I really enjoy going to live performances, it lifts my spirits so much. Especially ones that are full of women having a good time! Have you been to some good performances of late - small and local or large and professional?

Shona x


  1. Yay! Thought you had quit blogging! So glad you haven't! It looks like lots of fun at the Burlesque on ice. Where I live in Blighty, there's nothing vintage save for a couple of vintage fairs a year. I'll be doing a vintage night once a month at the local arts centre though, need to get this place going for vintage! :D

  2. That looks fun. I've never seen burlesque, apart from a couple of performances on more varied build. They're brave ladies, taking stuff off on such a cold surface.

  3. That's awesome!!! The Canadian, who did her fair share of skating (figure and regular) as a youngster wholeheartedly approves of this cool (pun intended) spin (or would that be triple lutz) on burlesque!

    ♥ Jessica


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