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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Jet Setting

Hey there lovelies

Things might be looking quiet but in truth I am zipping all about the place.  First off, family were in London to stay, then we all nipped to Cleveland (USA) to the All Balboa weekend.  It is pretty neat to have a brother that can Balboa too.  My dodgey knee managed to cope with dancing day and night (and in heels) so I am very happy, and worn out too!
Now I have a mere 4 days in the fabulous city of New York, which I know will not be long enough. I have some adventures planned, including M&J Trimming (thanks Lauren) which might just have to be on the agenda today.
I have lots of pictures to show you, though that is going to have to wait, as I forgot the doodad that will let me download photos from our camera. Stay tuned for updates of dancing, vintage shopping and general touristy Shenanagans.

Signing off until next week,
Shona Rockerfeller


  1. Hello Ms Rockerfeller!

    Hope you're having a fabulous time! I'm all packed ready to go and am going to miss my usual neighbour over the next few days :o( Missing ya already!

    See you when you get back and have a FABULOUS time!

  2. Wow you lucky thing! Enjoy, in the knowledge that i am very jealous!x


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