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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year and Christmas recyling

Hello and Happy New Year!

I am so thrilled that I have made it through another festive season, how about you? For some reason this year I was bored of it all so quickly, that the decorations are down already and the place is looking surprisingly bare. I blame the shops who were playing Christmas music around Guy Fawkes. Those will be the same ones that have already got Easter Eggs out (yes, I spied them in WH Smith yesterday).  Sorry but my FAT making cells need a little break, Easter will have to wait!.. until... well, February at least.

Anyhoo, as part of my Christmas breakdown I do a little fun recycling thing with my cards that I thought you might like.  I cut them down to make parcel tags for next year! 
I know tags are not dear to buy really, but this is much more fun. I make it a game with myself to see how many good tags you can make out of a card, sometimes ending up with very little that the recycling men have to take away.
Firstly, though it might be a little morbid, but one lesson I have learnt is to save cards from loved ones who are getting a bit elderly. That way you can bring them out after they can no longer write you one, which is neat thing to do.

Once I have saved the specials, I get happy with the scissors and snip like a mad woman. Picture cards can be made into numerous tags, and often the back of a card has a small picture that is worth cutting out too. It is fun to work out where the cutting lines could be to make 2 or 3 cool cards rather than just one. 
Shapes come out interestingly and as you get on  a roll you see different possibles - like the word "Merry" on it's own. I like that!

This year I didn't stop and collected the messages on the inside too. If I had kids it would be great to get them to decorate them, but since I don't, I might have some fun with the glitter pens myself!
I hope your first week of the New Year is coming along nicely. Hip Hip Hooray!

Shona x


  1. I do this too! SOmetimes I like the whole fron of the card so much that I use the whole thing on front of a gift. Just criss-cross some ribbon underneath and if you have them, cut the edges of the card with some patterned scissors.

  2. Happy New Year lovely lady! Great idea!xxx

  3. That's such a good idea, especially as it turns taking down the cards into a fun project less likely to be put off until Spring! Happy New Year!

  4. I'm glad I'm not alone in doing this! I think it's a great way to recycle. :-)

  5. Wow, cant believe easter eggs are out aready. Hapoy new ywar from Norway!

  6. I always used to do this with my mum on the 6th Jan (when the decorations HAD to go away!) with a pair of pinking shears. Must remember to do it this year :
    I was so disappointed to go to Tesco last Monday to find a section of Easter Eggs!

  7. Haha, snap. I use this trick as well, though since it is just me and Mr D it is usually enough just to each use a different paper!

  8. I am so glad so many of you already do this. The designs are so nice it is worth giving them a second go. I need some pretty edge scissors, although if they have "blobby" edge already then I would rather straight scissors.
    Penny Dreadful - I would tell Mr Wolf off if I only got one paper! tee hee!

  9. oooh you are clever, it wouldn't even occur to me, mostly cos I would forget where I'd put them when it comes to Christmas this year, I am old you know ;o)

  10. Shona, I love it! Such a good idea and the end results are so pretty! Go you!

  11. Such a smart woman! I'm not very crafty - but this I can manage!


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