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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sale Starts Thursday!

Tasha models a Red 1940s Mary Vintage Style Dress.
Hi there everyone out there in Blog land. 
Thanks for the lovely comments designed to help me feel better. I had one day of feeling on top of the world, then this morning I slipped and cut my finger open on a cupboard door handle. OUCH! Why am I telling you this? Well because I would have got this post out earlier but I was stuck in A&E making angry faces at the nurse (who was overworked and, in the end, quite sweet) and throwing invisible death daggers at the doctor, who I think wasn't concerned about my death dagger powers in the slightest, or about my finger, much.  
Tash models a Light Aqua Polka Dot Wrap Top

Anyhoo, I am back and the finger is so well padded I can actually type (it is the little finger, so it is not overworked). I am already fed up of sympathy too so no need to bother, however donations of chocolate, size 5 shoes and exotic alcoholic beverages are always welcome.

So,this, later than expected post, is to let you know that I have my first ever Heyday Sale starting Thursday morning.  Some of you would have already seen it written up on Andi's blog here. These items pictured here are in the sale and you can go in and see what stock we have available if you like, even though the prices won't appear until tomorrow. It is set up ready to go on the web shop.
Sarah models a Patterned Green 1940s Mary Vintage Style Dress.

Before you go, Slinky Sparkles, (who is modelling the green floral Mary dress in our sale) needs your vote in the Viva Las Vegas Burlesque competition. Well done Ms Sparkles! Go vote for her here
Happy Shopping!


  1. Blimey Shona..take it easy! Thanks for the heads up, I'll be over to Heyday asap.
    I will indeed be voting for Slinky Sparkles. I've seen her act and she is stunning!
    Look after yourself and remember that nothing makes a cut finger better than a big bar of Galaxy.xxx

  2. "I am back and the finger is so well padded I can actually type (it is the little finger, so it is not overworked)."

    As the art of drinking tea warns...

    First and foremost never hold your cup with your pinkie finger extended. This is improper and in most social settings is considered rude.

    I'm afraid that this means afternoon tea at Deadman Towers will be off limits until your pinkies timely recovery.


  3. Exotic alcoholic beverages are just what the doctor ordered to help your pinkie heal faster, I'm sure. ;-)

    Now I'm going to take a peek at your sale!


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