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Monday, 17 October 2011

Bling Bits and Dancing

Last Thursday Mr Wolf and I went with a bunch of dancing friends to the International Ballroom Dance Championships at the historic Royal Albert Hall. It was the 59th (!) year it was held there.

First up - what does one wear? It is absolutely impossible to arrive overdressed at such an event, unless you happen to have a barrel of swarzkofski crystals and oystrich feathers you can dunk yourself into. A lot of people come straight from work, so the audience is just in "whatever". But me, well, I am, (as you might be aware) never KNOWINGLY under-dressed. To bridge the comfort + dressy gap I decided to glam up one of my Mary dresses with a couple of bling bits (bought in the States, not vintage). They are just brooches, and in a flash of inspiration I picked up two, not just one, to act as dress clips.
The effect was really very good, considering three ladies stopped me to ask where I got my outfit! Now, I know the dress is my design and all, but really, the effect of two cheap modern pins would work the same on any plain dress. Perfect for desk-to-date days and light weight holiday packing too.
The event, which was compared by a friend of mine (name dropper me!) Karen Hardy of Strictly Come Dancing fame was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And that was just the outfits! Of course, they are not vintage - but "vintage" includes being obsessed with a darn good dress. Which I am.

Of course I took about a gazillion photos, and here are just a few. (sorry, some are a bit fuzzy, they moved a bit fast for my camera at a distance in the dark)
Weee!...Cinderella moment
Stunning colours in the heats
This lady was one of my faves of the latin finals, probably mostly because of her Marilyn-esque hair
This Danish couple won the Professional Ballroom division. And she got my vote for best dressed too.
If you have a young daughter I bet she would LOVE this type of event. Maybe not this particular one as it is long and runs late, although there was one tweeny in our row who was completely transfixed.
The men though, well, as nice as they are, I do prefer mine a bit rougher and hairier. Just as well huh?


  1. Wow, I have a Mary dress in green, but it's not that green. That colour looks spectacular. Any chance of that colour being made in a production run?

  2. Hi Lila!
    Yes, we did a short run but it sold out very fast, so more is on its way. Sx

  3. oooh I'd love to go to something like this! You also look fabulous lady love the colour of the shoes too!

  4. Shona! The Shoes! The Dress! The Hair! The Clips!
    All lovely - as usual.
    As you were!

  5. You look fabulous! I love the cut of that dress.xxx

  6. Ooooh! I'd love to go to something like that! Dress looks gorgeous with the pins! x

  7. Your outfit is smashing! Love the brooches. And I have to agree about the men being a bit more mannish. Despite that, I still have to watch America's Ballroom Challenge when it comes on!

  8. You are looking HAAAWT!! Love the dress clip idea *snaffles it for oneself*

  9. What a fun event! You're right, something as simple as dress clips or brooches can really liven something up (or clip on earrings in their place, hee). Lila is right, that is a fantastic green!

  10. Oh how fantastic you've been to this event Shona and you looked fab. As a 40s/50s girl that also competes in ballroom and latin, this post has brought me all my favourite things!!! Im competing in the National supdance championships in Blackpool in december, wish me luck!! x

  11. Your dress is stunning and you look so full of life and warmth here. Looks like a great day.


  12. Oh my God, this dress!!! My body type is similar to yours so man-oh-man do I want your dress. I even have dress clips.


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