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Friday, 28 October 2011

Jukebox Jive Show 2011

Happy Friday dear readers, and a big hello to my new followers that have taken me over the 400 mark! I am chuffed that so many of you are interested enough in my ramblings and want to read about my little adventures. Welcome!
As promised on Twitter (I am HeydayVS if you want to follow me there too), I have a give away planned for you to mark this milestone, so keep your eyes peeled as I will announce that over the weekend. YEAH! we haven't done one of those for a bit so I am looking forward to it.

For now I thought I would tell you about some of the neat jukeboxes for sale last weekend at the first ever Jukebox Jive show. I apologise for the poor quality pics, the lighting wasn't the best for my camera.
This one was my FIRST favourite and I might have dribbled a bit when I saw the colours. The colours in real life were a bit deeper and teal and red happen to be a fave combo of mine
It was on sale by these too chaps, Bill and Terry from the Jukebox Company. This crazy sputnik shaped one seemed to be their favourite as I saw quite a bit of  fondling polishing and dusting going on. Bill and Terry were lovely chaps and informed me that Jukeboxes started out like this, with everyone having headphones to listen at the same time. Hmmm... not so much dancing then huh?
Then I turned the corner and saw this one tucked away a bit and fell head over heals in love. It is from 1939 so that would be typical, as I tend to fall for designs of all kinds from that year. Note the colours and basic shaping that would lead to the "electric rainbow cathedral" shape that we are more familiar with. This one is the oldest one at the show but at £6250 it is not a bad price really, considering those colour panels are BAKELITE. yum yum! (NB: I turn 40 next year and I think this would be an ideal present)
The owner of the 1939 one also owned this one, which was the most expensive at £12,500 and made in 1956. You can see more at www.jukeboxgallery.com. Corwin, pictured here, came all the way from Holland to share these delights with us. I would have dribbled on a few more, but he was busy and one has to whip around quick when you are also manning a stall.

Lastly, I leave you with a quick pic of Katie the organiser. She undertook a mammoth job in pulling together her first show of this size, and while she was a little worn out by Sunday, I hope she decides to do another next year.
Have a good start to the weekend dear readers and watch this space for that giveaway!


  1. Oh, you look gorgeous and the machines aren'y half bad either! I'd like one in each room. The Thirties one is a beauty. Perfect pressie I'd say.

  2. I totally understand your love for that 30s one. And love your bag.

  3. I was distracted horribly when I walked past all of these, aren't they lovely? You also look super cute as ever!

  4. I love juke-box. I'm so lucky to be a proud owner of a 1958 BAL-AMI... it took me some week-ends to make it works but it's a real pleasure to listen our 50's 45rpm with it!!! I must post about it soon...


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