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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jukebox Jive Show and outfit post

Hi Y'all
We are a bit excited here at Heyday towers as we are trading this weekend and for a change we don't need to be away from home!  It is the Jukebox Jive weekend near Heathrow. Even though it is the very first one, Katy, the organiser seems to have pulled out all the stops - there are rows and rows of classic cars, bands, food, jukeboxes (well, naturally), music, and lots of shopping to be had. Do come along and visit if you can! Rocket Originals will be there as will Home Sweet Homestyle and Lipstick and Curls.  All of them are great friends so there will be a fair amount of catching up going on in the quiet moments.

Even though the word "Jukebox" makes one think of the 50s, all the traders there will have other decades for sale too, so if you are a 40s buff, there will still be plenty for you to dribble over. In fact, Jukeboxes have been around for longer than we tend to think anyway.
And now onto the pictures....!
I am making the most of the mildly warm weather and, wearing skirts and dresses before it becomes unbearable
This is one of our Olivia blouses teamed with a waistcoat knitted by a friend's Mother.  The big egg shaped tree behind me always amazes me, since I never actually see the gardener trim it (we have a shared garden, so it is not OUR own gardener btw)
The skirt is again the one from our wartime suit. It is getting good use right now!
And the shoes are old ones from Remix in the states.  WARNING: do not to click on the link if you are trying to save money!

I hope to meet some of you at the show, do come and introduce yourself if you pop by.


  1. SWOON!!!!!!!!! Love that colour on you - looks lush with your hair :) It is also my favourite colour of green x

  2. Looking lovely, as ever :o)
    See you at the weekend.

  3. Love the look and especially love the hair! A tutorial would be really lovely. :)

  4. Ah the waistcoat looks great! Love those shoes.

    See you this weekend :o)

  5. I love that waistcoat! So cute.

  6. I love the hairstyle of yours which is damn good.
    Shoes are also looking beautiful.
    Your dress is looking good.
    I love the style.

  7. your hairs looking amazing

  8. Love the way you do your hair so much.


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