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Monday, 13 February 2012

Style me Vintage!

 My pre-ordered copy of Style-me-Vintage turned up last week
 It is a lovely coffee table book, both for regular vintage lovers and for those new to the scene. The styling tips are excellent, the foundation information sound and the book itself is gorgeous - Perfect!
 The author, Naomi, of Vintage Secret really does know her stuff and it is evident that she put her all into putting this book together. Here she is looking gorgeous in her introduction.
 And Eeeeee! Here's Heyday trousers (this colour sadly sold out by the way) and a Olivia blouse on Fleur in the 40s section. I was thrilled to see this, as actually I didn't realise my business was going to be included. It is one heck of a compliment. Thank you Naomi!!
A teaser of the most stunning evening gown. 
Retro chick has also given a lovely review, as has Jeni, so you could go and check them out. 
There is a launch party coming up on the 18th Feb at their  Ric Rac club too. It is promising to be huge, with lots of the London vintage scene turning up to support Naomi, so do get your tickets before they sell out. 
What am I gonna wear?

Shona x


  1. Love it, such a nice balance of pretty and wise content. That amazing evening dress had me squealing with excitement!

  2. The book is fab :) I have been reading it over the weekend. Perfect balance :)

  3. It looks great. Yet another book to add to my ever-growing list. It looks very similar to a vintage hairstyle book I own. I wonderif it the same publisher. Thanks for the hot tip. x

  4. Looks fabulous, can't wait to see it. I'm sure whatever you wear you will look fabulous!

  5. Great book & I love your trousers.... trying to justify buying them for work!!

  6. I had a look at this in Waterstones its a great little book, but not for me, think I beyond all the tips in it, I have made plenty of vintage mistakes.

  7. When i get this book in Germany?
    Love ,your Kingha<3


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